“This assault is a worst-case scenario, but women being assaulted at spring-break destinations and other large gatherings for partygoers isn’t uncommon or new. At the events I’ve been to or, better, used to go to—note the past tense—I always felt that there was an undercurrent of sexual violence, an assault waiting to happen.”

Lots of stupid commentary has been generated by the events at Panama City Beach. This is the first smart opinion piece UD has read.

Bidding a fond farewell to another beautiful Spring Break…

… in Panama City Beach.

Next spring: Open-air beheadings.


30 Frats Shut Down In The Past Month As Colleges Respond To Misconduct More Aggressively

… [F]rats as a whole are ranked by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners as the sixth worst insurance risk in this country — just above hazardous waste disposal.

“…Club Spinnaker owners said their staff meticulously monitors …

underage drinking …”

They do, however, miss the occasional gang rape.

[Two Troy University] students were arrested and charged with sexual battery by multiple perpetrators … [T]he alleged rape took place sometime from March 10, 2015, to March 12, 2015, behind Spinnaker Beach Club, a popular bar and dance club for spring breakers.

Club Spinnaker’s owner has been among the most eloquent critics of Panama City Beach’s efforts to change its way-welcoming spring break rules.

Clay Shirky on the Rolling Stone/U Va Rape Story.

… Erdely decided to look for the “right” rape victim, interviewing women at several colleges, but not finding their (doubtless accurate) accounts of sexual assault emblematic enough. This desire for the one perfect victim essentially committed Erdely to passing over dozens of women telling the truth, until she got to a sufficiently appealing fabulist. Erdely got conned by Jackie because she wanted to believe. Rolling Stone got conned by Erdely for the same reason.

SAE Once More.

One neighbor who was fed up with the noise went to the house to address the problem. A police officer said he saw five men assaulting him, according to an arrest affidavit.

This time at the University of Texas.

Which wouldn’t think of suspending it, since “officers have been to the SAE house 40 times in the last 12 months when parties got out of control.” Has to be around 80.

How We Die: Fraternities Edition.

Several males ran into the bathroom and were arguing about whether to call the police, and after another partygoer called 911 the males agreed to move [the fraternity pledge] outside so police wouldn’t have to come into the residence …

Another statement from student Alyson Alonzo to the university describes a similar scene. Alonzo, a trained lifeguard, said someone pushed Duffy’s stomach and he vomited. She tried to perform CPR on him but was dragged outside.

Note to Panama City Beach Spring Breakers: Conceal the Concealed Weapons.

And bury the brass knuckles.

There’s a crackdown on beach toys this year.

If they can’t drink on the beach, bodies will start falling off of balconies.

A town debates spring break.

Philanthropic Organizational Life, University of Arizona

The new member class of Delta Sigma Phi had been placed into two groups of 14 at the Delta Sigma Phi off-campus residence and were locked in a room where each room was given a large quantity of vodka and a bucket of water and were told to drink until everything was gone. At least one new member reportedly consumed to the point of passing out and lost control of his bodily functions. This same member had been to the hospital twice that same week (not known if related to Delta Sigma Phi).

More details:

Members of the chapter took the new members and separated them into two groups and placed each into a room. Each group was given a handle of vodka, a bucket of water, and an empty bucket to be used for “puking”. Each room was given 15 minutes to finish everything (all alcohol). This activity was explained as a team builder, so the new members were also expected to share facts about themselves in between drinking.

Active members including the new member educator were in the room to monitor and would count down the time (15 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes, etc.). Halfway through the time, members were rotated out of their room to get to know the other group. At least two new members passed out during this activity, including one who lost control of his bodily functions. This new member was placed into a bed. Multiple people vomited into the empty buckets. At the end of the 15 minutes, both rooms were allowed to return back to the party.

Will, Will, Why hast thou forsaken me?

Will Ferrell has argued that fraternities should be banned altogether.

Now that we’re paying attention to fraternities as a system, and not as occasional freak show newspaper articles…

… it was inevitable that organized body counts begin to appear. Here’s one. With a nice photo.

Veritas et Phobias

I’m old enough to remember a time when college students objected to providing a platform to certain speakers because they were deemed politically unacceptable. Now students worry whether acts of speech or pieces of writing may put them in emotional peril… [W]hile keeping college-level discussions “safe” may feel good to the hypersensitive, it’s bad for them and for everyone else. People ought to go to college to sharpen their wits and broaden their field of vision. Shield them from unfamiliar ideas, and they’ll never learn the discipline of seeing the world as other people see it. They’ll be unprepared for the social and intellectual headwinds that will hit them as soon as they step off the campuses whose climates they have so carefully controlled.

Penn State Students Facebooked Photographs of Themselves Raping a Statue of a Coach in a Fraternity Shower Stall?

I think. Something like that. There’s too much stuff going on there to keep track of…

After all, there’s almost always a venture capitalist, with fond memories of hazing and being hazed, willing to make up the difference.

We would propose that the IRS begin sending letters to all Greek organizations putting them on notice that if they discriminate, their tax-exempt status will be revoked. They can retain their tax exemption if they demonstrate that they do not discriminate based on race. This provides Greek organizations with a choice. If they are willing to comply with the norms of society, then they can enjoy the benefit of their tax exemption. If they do not wish to conform, they can explicitly signal that desire by forgoing the public subsidy implicit in being exempt from taxation.

… [W]e should also leverage the universities’ tax exemptions. The time is long past for universities to condone — or, at best, turn a blind eye to — this type of behavior. If a university wants to ignore the discriminatory behavior, then it should also be required to clearly signal where it stands.

Not a problem for the frats. Just keep the system intact: The ME BIG BOY thing graduates American capitalism’s most successful predators. They can easily make up for the loss of the tax exemption.

As for the universities: A place for everything, and everything in its place. The absence of the tax exemption will reveal which universities the country’s corporate elite will want to consider.

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