Clouds, Mr UD, Atlantic Ocean

UD Goes to Rehoboth …

… for awhile. Blogging
continues throughout.



… dawns chilly and cold. Autumn again,
after the strange brief summer at the beach.

Instablogging, Dog Parade, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

A woman in a white bikini stands on the edge of the Atlantic at the very end of October in Delaware. Take that, Miami.

Smell of booze among the observers profound. Everyone – except for Les UDs, natch – clutches a cup with ice.

Conversation next to me.

“Sit down, bud. I need to talk to you.”

“Yeah, what?”

“About your bein’ investigated.”

“Later, man.”

“No. What happened. Why are they after you.”





Marijuana Dog.

The view from …


… my beach chair.

On the sidelines of…

… the Halloween Parade,
Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.



Brilliantly sunny mild day, and a big
crowd turned out for the parade.

Les UDs adored it.

UD leaves today for Rehoboth Beach, Delaware…

… where she will take photos of the Halloween dog parade and many other things.

Of course she will continue to blog.


Sunrise this Morning, Rehoboth Beach


V. hard to get the bird to pose.


A bit later, with container ship.

Rehoboth Beach, last night, Mr UD…


… wearing the Panama hat
his sister got for him in

On an overcast morning…


… technicians set up for
fireworks tonight on the beach.

UD Goes to the Beach.


Blogging continues uninterrupted.


A little of everything at


seven AM. Contrails, dark
clouds, light clouds, sunrays,
sunlight, blue sky, sand, waves.

At 7:15, I’m at the


Coffee Mill.

Sang two songs on the
walk: Nessun Dorma
to start… And would
have stayed with this
throughout, but the
Coffee Mill had a Piaf
imitator piped in,
singing Sous le Ciel de Paris,
so UD had no choice
but to perform that one.

Les UDs are Going to Rehoboth Beach for the Week.

She of course will blog from there.


I’ll have Sardonic on Wry…

… for my unseasonably hot, early morning, two miles up and back, Rehoboth Beach boardwalk march.

Everybody on the boardwalk is old.

Rehoboth is a Quiet Resort – not as quiet as some, but definitely not noisy. A pallid Spring Break. No Floatopia. Rehoboth attracts tanned and well-turned oldies.

At the walkway’s midpoint, in front of a white bandstand, three starched nurses holding a STROKE AWARENESS poster have attracted a crowd.

Nathanael West could write this up, thinketh UD

As UD powers by the nurses, she hears “Totally make relaxation time for yourself… long bath…”


Do retired people really need this advice she wonders, but what’s really going through her mind is Richard Dawkins, who she admires and who has had a stroke.

The thought of Dawkins sets her off, as she swings her arms and plants her heels, on God and not-God, which occupies her for the duration.



… and container ship.

This evening,
Rehoboth Beach.

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