Sunrise Behind a Cloud


Photo UD.


Seen on this morning’s walk
through Rehoboth Beach.

Light on the Atlantic when the Storm Calms

Positively spiritual.

Photo UD.

Green Man has a Real Portlandia Vibe…

… along with good food and drink.

Although so much older than all other
patrons that they expect at any moment
to be asked to leave, Les UDs really
like the place.

Beach Blogging: Rehoboth.

UD leaves today for a vacation at the beach. Longtime readers know this almost always means Rehoboth, where over the years a passel of family and friends has also gathered.

Mr UD totally needs the break, his week in Warsaw having been way gratifying but exhausting.

Much to say about bizarre developments in academe, and I’ll say them from the beach. Ne quittez pas.

Bing. Bang. Bong.

Just beyond our canal-side hotel room, the Rehoboth Beach Halloween parade gathers itself for an 11 AM start. Drummers practice.

Les UDs are here with a bunch of friends who met last night and unanimously agreed that the thing about the beach is that it puts you to sleep. So we’re having a little trouble pulling ourselves together for the long walk along the parade. We’ll get there.

Dog Parade this Weekend

Les UDs are on their way
to Rehoboth Beach,
for the Sea Witch Festival.

Of course UD will
blog from there.

Insane Cloud Posse

Rehoboth Beach, this afternoon.

“A wide range of marine species become attached to the carapace, including algae, flat worms, mollusks, barnacles, and bryozoans, and horseshoe crabs have been described as ‘walking museums’ due to the number of organisms they can support.”

After UD took this picture, a man
who was birding (we were at Cape
State Park) came along and
suggested that we see if the
horseshoe crab was still alive.

He picked it up by its tail and showed
me its still-wriggling legs. Then he
gently placed it and its mollusks back
in the surf.

Family, Lifeguard Stand, Container Ship.

8:32 AM, from our balcony.
Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

Clouds, Mr UD, Atlantic Ocean

UD Goes to Rehoboth …

… for awhile. Blogging
continues throughout.



… dawns chilly and cold. Autumn again,
after the strange brief summer at the beach.

Instablogging, Dog Parade, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

A woman in a white bikini stands on the edge of the Atlantic at the very end of October in Delaware. Take that, Miami.

Smell of booze among the observers profound. Everyone – except for Les UDs, natch – clutches a cup with ice.

Conversation next to me.

“Sit down, bud. I need to talk to you.”

“Yeah, what?”

“About your bein’ investigated.”

“Later, man.”

“No. What happened. Why are they after you.”





Marijuana Dog.

The view from …


… my beach chair.

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