How to Get a Dorm Room Upgrade at Simon Fraser University

Once the university became aware of [multiple] reported [sexual] assaults [alleged against a student], SFU conducted a safety assessment with the RCMP and “undertook measures to ensure the safety of the campus community,” spokesman Kurt Heinrich said. He refused to say what those measures were.

But whatever was done, the second complainant’s mother says it wasn’t enough.

The alleged assailant was in one of her daughter’s classes, the mother said in a telephone interview. Her daughter ran into him in the residence. She saw him at the gym and in the dining room.

If none of her dorm friends was home, she would lock herself in her room and not go to the dining room for meals.

In mid-February, the mother wrote to SFU President Andrew Petter after her daughter was told that there were at least two women who had gone to police about the male student. She also later wrote to Provost Jon Driver and spoke to him on several occasions.

A few weeks later, the young woman — who loved her classes — quit university and moved home.

Eventually, the alleged assailant was moved to another residence after continued complaints from her friends. No warnings were given to female students there about the new resident.

And, far from being punishment, someone familiar with the case described it “a massive room upgrade.”

How Republican Death Panels Look

“Let his posterity be cut off, and in the generation following let their name be blotted out.”

So, in case you missed it, a sitting U.S. senator just asked an audience to pray a death curse to the president.

Yeah. Trump fits right in.

— Jamelle Bouie


Not that the Lord hasn’t been answering prayers

Sleazy University of Louisville, Famed for Overpaid Cronies and Coaches…

… now features the comical board of trustee meetings that all schools going down the tube feature. The cronies want yet another big tuition increase so that they and the coaches can continue to live in the style to which they have become accustomed; a powerful faction of disgusted trustees wants them to stop doing this.

During the meeting, [one trustee] questioned how the university spends money, calling [the school president] and his administrative team “masters of financial obfuscation.”

The sharpest debate of the meeting was over a transaction [the president] approved last year in which the university loaned $38 million of its cash on hand to the University of Louisville Real Estate Foundation, a creation of the U of L Foundation, which [the president] also runs.

[Two trustees] questioned why the loan was not approved by the trustees and whether the money could be used to fund more pressing university priorities or to curtail tuition increases.

Jason Tomlinson, the foundation’s chief financial officer, told the board that the transaction is not a loan but a “receivable.” But U of L’s independent auditors called it a loan in the university’s annual financial statements…

[One of the trustees] blew up at Tomlinson, asking how he could tell the board the deal is not a loan when the document governing the transaction has a file name of “University Loan to FDN.docx.”

The U of Smell has gotten so comprehensively smelly (put Louisville in my search engine) that a strong faction of trustees now wants the school’s ridiculous president to leave. The president refuses to leave.

The stage is set; all the rest of us have to do is sit back and enjoy the show.

Saudi Arabia: Small for its Gestational…


UD thanks Barney.

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that are the most contemptible.

A man calling himself a reverend (Christopher Hitchens noted that in this country once you call yourself a reverend you can get away with almost anything) has withdrawn his lawsuit against Whole Foods.

What he did was order a cake that said LOVE WINS and then take it home and add the word FAG to the cake.

After which, weeping for the cameras because of the trauma he sustained, he sued Whole Foods for having written FAG.

This man, himself the object of a lawsuit because he has failed to pay his student loans, is emerging as an icon of contemptible behavior in a litigious culture. UD is glad to see him assume this role.

UD hopes Whole Foods refuses to drop its defamation suit against him. UD also hopes the law firm that took this case and played along for the cameras with its poor traumatized client gets hit for legal malpractice. Austin Kaplan, the lead attorney, graduated with various honors from American University, here in DC. AU should consider revoking some of those honors.

And the city of Austin might want to revisit Kaplan’s recent Austinite of the Year award.

Kaplan was close to tears as he wrapped up his acceptance speech, displaying to those in attendance how passionate and dedicated he is to his line of work.

There are certainly a lot of man tears around this story. But franchement, for the city, it looks embarrassing.

You don’t have to know the language!

You don’t have to know the language

With a sub in the class

And the students entrapped

In a Texas public school

So the words in the text mean nothing

And he can’t ask a soul what to do

No, you don’t have to know the language

In a Texas public school

And Three makes a Trinity.

First, Toronto’s North by Northeast Festival; then, UD‘s George Washington University; and now, exceedingly well-heeled Trinity College may be close to deciding that, yes, rich kids like to go slumming, but there are limits.

Ditties celebrating the rape and murder of women just don’t sit well with some folks. Who knows why. But Trinity might be the third institution to disinvite this person.


For every Action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Sign the petition. Help the President of the University of Arizona to step down.

The people at UA ask why
Their president whores for DeVry.
“Oh, go lay a fart,”
Says President Hart,
“Fuck off, adios, and bye-bye.”

Sign the petition.

“All bigots and frauds are brothers under the skin.”

Christopher Hitchens, who wrote that sentence in an essay about Jerry Falwell, would have been fascinated by the brotherhood on view at Donald Trump’s latest rally, where Trump’s warm-up bigot, a loud-mouth diploma mill graduate (not Trump University; another diploma mill), shrieked that Bernie Sanders doesn’t believe in God and must be made to come to Jesus.

I wish Hitchens were here to describe this man.

University of Arizona Presidential Hymnal

As pants Ann Hart for extra green
Beyond her package here
So longs her soul for U DeVry
And its free bucks so dear.

For Thee, DeVry, her living God,
Her thirsty soul doth pine;
Oh when shall she behold her check
Thou Majesty Divine?

Why restless, why cast down, Ms Hart?
O let your critics rant;
For thou shalt sing the praise of Them
The bills for which you pant.

Capella, Phoenix, and DeVry
The Gods whom you adore,
Be glory as it was, is now,
And shall be evermore.

Two high-level administrators, one greedy and one cynical, get caught…

… and suffer no consequences. Their universities, now… certainly their universities suffer consequences… but both of these people hold on to their jobs and indeed continue to do what they do.

In the case of the cynic – provost at Southern Methodist University – what he does is overrule faculty committees trying to keep unqualified basketball players from being admitted.

In the case of the pig – chancellor at UC Davis – what she does is accumulate money-for-nothing board memberships – one of them a conflict of interest, and another DeVry! – until some local politician notices and she runs away squealing Sorry Sorry Sorry!

UD thanks dmf and Wendy.

Glenn Reynolds means his modest proposal – abolish the Ivy League – in the same way Jonathan Swift meant his about eating the children of the poor.

But who cares? Those of us who want the obscene endowments of schools like Harvard Yale and Princeton seriously spent down will take our allies where we can. And UD thinks Reynolds is serious about these specific things:

We should eliminate the tax deductibility of contributions to schools having endowments in excess of $1 billion. At some point, as our president has said, you’ve made enough money. That won’t end all major donations to the Ivy League, but it will doubtless encourage donors to look at less wealthy and more deserving schools, such as Northern Kentucky University, recently deemed “more inspirational than Harvard” in the London Times Higher Education magazine.

We should require that all schools with endowments over $1 billion spend at least 10% of their endowment annually on student financial aid. That will make it easier for less wealthy students to attend elite institutions.

Will Hunter Do a Punter?

Everyone who ever had anything to do with pill empresario Martin Shkreli is bailing bailing bailing. We don’t want your filthy money!

Leaving Hunter College and its affiliated high school (which the man himself attended) with a problem. He just gave the high school a million dollars. That’s a lot if you’re a high school. Plus they’re plastering his name all over the endowment. Some lucky scholarship student will enjoy a lifelong association (Shkreli Scholar?) with the man everyone’s calling America’s biggest asshole.

What to do?

Just too…


The madness of ultra-orthodoxy in Israel…

reaches an apotheosis.

No. I’m sure there’s worse to come.

Throwing stones at eight year old girls while calling them whores.

Stabbing openly gay people.

Things are escalating.

I wonder what’s next.


Clarity about the madness.

But the writer focuses only on a certain sick rhetorical strain in his form of religion. One also needs to reckon with the fact of a political class that appeases madmen in order to stay in power.


The entire Orthodox community is responsible for this attack when it cultivates a culture of hatred toward fellow Jews…


It’s time to take the country back from those who would not be averse to a theologically-driven, ISIS-like Jewish state.

It’s probably too late. Israel has let itself be run into the ground by hugely growing numbers of religious fanatics for whom things like Supreme Courts are a joke. Look at the ultra-orthodox demographics. These people – and the children whom they are, despite the existence of a mandatory national curriculum, keeping in ignorance – are the future of Israel. And they deny the legitimacy of the Jewish state. A most Kafkaesque outcome.

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