UD’s Poetry Lecture is TODAY.

Join her at the Georgetown Public Library this afternoon.


Come to UD’s Lectures on Poetry…

… at the Georgetown Public Library. Details here.

Here’s the flyer…

… for UD‘s April poetry lecture series at the Georgetown Public Library.

Register! Via email: georgetownlibrary@dc.gov

Poetry Lectures April 2016apdf(1)

Three Saturdays in April at 2:00:

April 2, 9, and 16.


Georgetown Library
3260 R Street NW
Washington DC

Your Blogeuse Now Also Featured in…


To save you time:

Margaret Soltan, a George Washington University professor who gave Hunter $75 through Crowdrise on Friday, said schools should stand up to people who behave badly by returning their money. She is not connected to Hunter but blogs on education topics.

Keeping the money “just makes you look cynical. It makes you look mercenary and immoral,” Soltan said.

Your Blogeuse Featured in Reuters.

I was interviewed this morning about the Shkreli donation to Hunter College High School.

Here’s the article in which I’m quoted.

UD in the New York Times obit for Wojciech…


Les UDs are off to Middleburg Virginia to meet friends and have lunch…

… So blogging will be later today.

The New York Times has contacted UD for more information about Wojciech Fangor, the Polish painter who died last week at 92.

So who knows. Maybe some of her memories will appear not only on Radio Poland, but in the NYT. UD would like that.

You can listen to UD’s Radio Poland interview…


Click on the soundicon icon.

The Poetry Foundation lists UD’s MOOC…

… on its Learning Lab page.

Whee! Ten Thousand.

UD‘s poetry MOOC has now enrolled 10,000 students.

Apparently UD’s Poetry MOOC…

… gets a positive mention in this current PMLA piece.

UD comments about her MOOC in a new book…

… called Teaching Online: A Guide to Theory, Research, and Practice.

It’s by Claire Howell Major, and published by Johns Hopkins University Press.

Okay okay okay okay

There’s a bunch of stuff I’ve been wanting to post, but let UD for one millisecond in the long life of this blog say a variant of that obnoxious thing that you hear lots of people (at least lots of people in Washington DC) say: I’ve been so busy (read: so cool and in demand) that it’s been hard for me to keep up with the blog. This is a truly certifiably obnoxious sort of thing to say, and UD has heard obnoxious people say something like it all her life and UD never says it because it’s obnoxious but let her FOR ONE MILLISECOND in the long life of this blog say it. She is truly – to quote whoremistress Bella Cohen – all of a mucksweat.


Let UD say – much less obnoxiously – I hope – that one thing she always wished for — that she have a life with many different sorts of experiences and challenges — has come true. She has not only taught (and written about) literature, here and abroad, to university students. She has led seminars for corporate managers, lectured at public libraries, addressed gatherings on athletics and architecture and interior design, gathered a global online classroom of close to ten thousand students, and been on the receiving end of more media attention that she ever thought possible. Her blog has thousands of dedicated readers, many of whom have written to her (to link her to important articles; to ask her to promote their books and their causes), and some of whom have become friends.


If she’s now somewhat over-committed, that’s a good thing, it’s a thing she’s worked for, it’s fine.

She will now post all that stuff. Ne quittez pas.

My MOOC just passed…

9,000 students.

A Happy New Year’s Moment for UD: The Times Higher Education Features Your Blogger…

… in a piece this morning about online education.

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