“In terms of our liberal democracy and constitutional order, Trump is an extinction-level event.”

Andrew Sullivan answers the Should we start freaking out? question.

Cruz Aborts His Campaign…

… by choosing a fanatic as his running mate.

British Politician Takes the Fall for …

… her sister.

Will perform “Franziska” Liebkind in upcoming West End production of the The Producers.

Air France: We Cover the World!

Compulsory woman-covering for our crew landing in Tehran.

An absolute guarantee that FGM has been performed on all female staff landing in Egypt.

Our assurance that you will never see a female Air France employee in Saudi Arabia not under male escort.

Air France. Relax, sit back, and enjoy the flight.


UPDATE: Haha, just kidding, gals! If some of you prefer not to be forced to cover your head and body when walking around outside (and what an odd preference! but okay…), then you don’t have to fly to Tehran. Okay? Satisfied?

Sheesh. What next.

Sing it.

A wee bird cam’ to his platform, he warbled sweet and early
And aye the o’ercam’ o’ his sang: They’re votin’ for Ol’ Bernie.
And when they heard the wee bird sing, applause cam’ thunderin’ cheerly
They took their bonnets aff their heids, and whistled for Ol’ Bernie.

UD is of course LOVING the…

.. Heidi/Ho dispute raging between our next presidents. There’s nothing like men for a catfight, and these two cats…!

Already dark rumors begin to surface of rad-rectitudinous Ted having strayed… And if you think UD is not champing at the bit to watch the Ted Cruz version of this, you have not been reading this blog with care. Dear Lord, bring it on.


And don’t forget to bring guns!

“Nona Buckley-Irvine said that she had a lovely time at the dinner and ‘barely noticed’ the separation.”

Well, yes, there was a seven-foot high screen keeping me and my sisters away from the men… But if it weren’t there, our London School of Economics brothers would rape and ravish us and that wouldn’t be lovely, would it? I mean, for us. For the sisters hidden behind the curtain. That wouldn’t be lovely.

I thought it was a very tasteful way of keeping them from raping us. I so look forward to next year’s dinner. Maybe place the curtain a tad higher and put more layers of clothing on us.

‘Other embarrassing episodes surfaced as well, including racially insensitive comments about Asians and Jamaicans, and sexually crude comments about women.’

Rob Ford, 1969 -2016


Yet weep not:

What though the sea with waves continuall
Doe eate the earth, it is no more at all…
Nor is the earth the lesse or loseth aught,
For whatsoever from one place doth fall,
Is with the tide unto another brought…
For there is nothing lost, but may be found, if sought…



Do not allow yourself with grief to slump…
The blesséd tide hath brought us Donald Trump.

“If it weren’t for all the idiotic and racist comments, he would be kind of a breath of fresh air,” [one Republican lobbyist] said.”

How they learned to stop worrying and love Donald Trump.

Well, she might have pulled the argument out of her ass…

… but you have to admit that, given the context, it’s pretty brilliant.

MP Amna Nosseir, professor of comparative jurisprudence at [Egypt’s] Al-Azhar University, who has backed [a niqab] ban, said that wearing the [full face] veil is not a requirement of Islam and in fact has non-Islamic origins. She has argued that it is a Jewish tradition

Whatever works.

Another Strong Vice-Presidential Candidate for Donald Trump.

And drawn from UD’s own university.

Wharton, We Have a Problem.

It all started back in the ‘eighties, with Donald Trump’s alma mater producing so many financial criminals that newspapers started keeping track of the ever-growing Wharton “Hall of Shame.” (Type WHARTON in my search engine for all the gory details.) The tradition persists today, with Wharton featuring prominently in articles with titles like Do Business Schools Incubate Criminals? and The Wharton Mafia. It’s positively embarrassing.

The Wharton School of Business has deified Donald Trump, boasting in its alumni magazine of his greatness and influence. It can’t get enough of him. It’s pleased as punch and bursting with pride to have spawned him…. or at least it was until around 2007. In a recent article about him in the U Penn paper, people are beginning to sound less enthusiastic.

A Wharton spokesperson said that the leadership of the alumni office and magazine have turned over since the publication of the article, and declined to comment further on Trump.

Hm. A bit snippy there… But, you know, it’s one thing to go the silence route (Trump? Trump who…?); it’s another thing – especially given Wharton’s cultural role as National Fraternal Order of America’s Great Insider Traders – actually to come out and repudiate “the worst human being who has ever won a Republican primary.”

UD doesn’t mean revoke his degree or anything. She means that given Wharton’s already filthy reputation, and given Trump’s incessant dropping of the Wharton name alongside his name, the school might consider issuing a statement distancing itself from its most famous graduate.

If Trump is the Republican Nominee, Hillary Clinton won’t have to Lift a Finger.

The Republican party will do it all for her.

In response to Trump’s many promises that he will commit war crimes and force American military personnel to commit them too, one of the Washington Post’s most conservative columnists today writes:

[H]is most important and devastating utterance [in the debate] has left little doubt about his contempt for democracy and the moral necessity to defeat him either before or after he gets the GOP presidential nomination… For all of his professed concern and respect for the military Trump considers them to be errand boys, like New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. A commander in chief who truly respects the troops and looks out for them does not order them to commit war crimes, setting off a constitutional crisis and subjecting American service personnel to court marshal and criminal prosecution. His attitude — I say it, so they will follow — is the thinking of a thug, a proto-fascist and a narcissistic personality.

Jennifer Rubin has just updated her column with Trump’s latest effort to clear his mind.

Trump, apparently told that what he was saying was outrageous and illegal, now tells the Wall Street Journal that what he said at the debate is not his position. And this man wants to be commander and chief of our armed forces?! It’s hard to know if he is evil, ignorant or both.



The Romney Speech Today was, if you ask UD, a Win/Win.

But before we hear from UD, let’s hear from Scathing Online Schoolmarm.

SOS notes that Romney found a fine speechwriter. Here’s some of the good stuff.

[Trump is a] twisted example of evil trumping good.

Nice use of the last name. “Twisted” is a strong word, and gives the sentence a gently tripping alliteration. Twisted also helps make one of Romney’s larger points: Trump is nuts.

There is a dark irony in his boasts of his sexual exploits during the Vietnam War while at the same time John McCain, who he has mocked, was imprisoned and tortured.

Dark irony is pretty effing sophisticated for a political speech, in SOS‘s humble opinion. SOS expects to find dark irony in essays about Franz Kafka. Color SOS also pretty astonished that Romney’s willing to say Trump humped his way through the war. This is a point best made by Bill Maher (now that Robin Williams is no longer with us), but even without going for the easy laugh, Romney does more than respectably with it.

His imagination must not be married to real power.

The he’s nuts point again, made pithily and well. SOS thinks that Romney’s decision to stress Trump’s disordered grandiose mind was a wise one. If the point is to needle Trump in order to get him to act even more insanely than he’s been acting, nothing will work better than heading for the complex private terrain of his mind. It’s like that cruel game in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf when George finally has Martha madly shrieking that she’s NOT nuts, she’s NOT nuts! “You’re all flops,” screams Martha (losers, in Trumpspeech), and I’m the only sane one around here…

A later phrase along these lines – Trump’s “absurd third-grade theatrics” – adds infantile to grandiose and disordered. And look at the poetry of the phrase: absurd rhymes with third; grade is a nearish-rhyme with third, and theatrics wakes the phrase up by putting a long-voweled, tri-syllabic word at the end.


Ok, and as for UD‘s response: She has two points to make.

1. As a university maven, UD was pleased to see Trump University rear its head.

His promises are as worthless as a degree from Trump University.

2. For UD, who will vote for Hillary, the speech is also a winner because Romney’s intemperate remarks about Hillary will, UD thinks, inspire more people to vote for her:

Even as Romney condemned Trump as a fundamental threat to the nation, he gave credence to Republicans’ wide-ranging hysteria about Hillary Clinton. “A person so untrustworthy and dishonest as Hillary Clinton must not become president,” he declared, reflecting a variety of negative GOP tendencies — accepting distortions as plain truth, making it seem as though the fate of the Republic constantly hangs on Republicans winning the next election, arguing that their opponents are not just wrong but illegitimate.

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