Weak terrible dumb pathetic overrated loser…

sues to get out of having to cast his delegate’s vote for America’s biggest Brexit fan.



Reaping the Girlwind

Having wooed and accommodated the forces of chaos, party leaders now fear that Mr. Trump will not only lose, but that he’ll cost them control of the House and the Senate, too …

Republicans: Making the world safe for Clinton/Warren.

Last Speech of Donald …


Donald Trump: First Female President

We are seeing a very serious role reversal in the Clinton-Trump race. The very criticisms that men unfairly hurled at politically ambitious women are now actually true about Trump. The old stereotypes and attack lines for women have suddenly become part and parcel of who Donald Trump really is:

Who is the most emotional, off-the-wall, candidate? Donald Trump.

Who is shrill and flailing at his rallies? Donald Trump

Who has little knowledge or understanding of the issues confronting the country? Easy one, Donald Trump.

Who lacks basic competency in governing? Donald Trump, hands down.

Who routinely makes statements that lack credibility, don’t rely on facts and depend on his “mood” at the time? Yup, Donald Trump.

Secret Ballot

We shouldn’t necessarily believe the polling, [Trump’s] arguing, because Americans who intend to vote for Trump are too embarrassed to admit it when asked for their preference in surveys. Once you account for the fact that Trump supporters feel a sense of shame, and don’t want to acknowledge their true beliefs to pollsters, maybe he’s doing far better than the data suggests.

Is there anything to this? I doubt it – there was some chatter about this during the GOP primaries, but the polls tended to be pretty accurate – though it says quite a bit about Trump’s candidacy that he’s been reduced to reassuring partisans by telling them that he has secret supporters who don’t want to admit they’re voting for him.

Conservative Law Professors for Trump

[L]egal scholars are deeply dismayed by Trump’s suggestion in February that if he wins in November he intends to “open up our libel laws, so that if they [the press] write purposely negative and horrible and false articles, we can sue them and win lots of money”.

“If you open up the libel laws, the first person who would be sued is Donald Trump,” said Richard Epstein, a law professor at the University of Chicago who is highly regarded in conservative legal circles. “He makes false and malicious statements about public and private people … I regard him as semi-hysterical and self-righteous [and] utterly unfit to be president of the United States.”

From your lips to God’s ears.

There’s every reason to think that Trump can pull off the near-impossible task of losing by more than 10 percent and possibly by much more. Moreover, as he continues to feud with members of his own party, he’ll drive down the value of the Republican brand so the party could end up losing both the Senate and the House. If he manages this feat, Trump will truly have left his mark on American politics.

Donald Trump: The “Better Never to Have Been Born” Candidate

Even [Paul] Ryan, who has endorsed Trump despite criticizing his behavior, joked during his presentation on Friday that in a recent conversation with magician David Copperfield, he said that he wished he could make himself disappear.

PS: This is the United States of America.

[A New York City public swimming pool is] unmoored from the laws of New York City and the Constitution, and commonly held principles of fairness and equal access… Orthodox Jewish beliefs demand modesty in dress, and a strict separation of the sexes, and those are the beliefs to which the taxpayer-owned-and-operated Metropolitan Recreation Center will yield [in mandating sex-segregated swimming hours].

[The city cannot let stand this] religious intrusion into a secular space. [The city should] immediately end religious segregation in the pools…

Let those who cannot abide public, secular rules at a public, secular pool find their own private place to swim…

Bravo, New York Times.

“In terms of our liberal democracy and constitutional order, Trump is an extinction-level event.”

Andrew Sullivan answers the Should we start freaking out? question.

Cruz Aborts His Campaign…

… by choosing a fanatic as his running mate.

British Politician Takes the Fall for …

… her sister.

Will perform “Franziska” Liebkind in upcoming West End production of the The Producers.

Air France: We Cover the World!

Compulsory woman-covering for our crew landing in Tehran.

An absolute guarantee that FGM has been performed on all female staff landing in Egypt.

Our assurance that you will never see a female Air France employee in Saudi Arabia not under male escort.

Air France. Relax, sit back, and enjoy the flight.


UPDATE: Haha, just kidding, gals! If some of you prefer not to be forced to cover your head and body when walking around outside (and what an odd preference! but okay…), then you don’t have to fly to Tehran. Okay? Satisfied?

Sheesh. What next.

Sing it.

A wee bird cam’ to his platform, he warbled sweet and early
And aye the o’ercam’ o’ his sang: They’re votin’ for Ol’ Bernie.
And when they heard the wee bird sing, applause cam’ thunderin’ cheerly
They took their bonnets aff their heids, and whistled for Ol’ Bernie.

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