La Kid, looking movie-star-esque…

… at a Dublin ball.
Last night.

I don’t know where we get our reputation for global ignorance.

[When comic Kathy Griffin, in her show in Dublin,] referred to “being in the United Kingdom,” she was startled by the reaction of the Dublin audience. The packed crowd of die-hard fans turned on her, hissing and booing. She seemed thrown off-balance, and had trouble returning to her story.

Bray to Greystones.

La Kid, right now,
hiking the Bray to
Greystones Coastal Trail
on one of those incomparable
Irish afternoons.


The names of seashore towns run out to sea…

The photo makes me think of Elizabeth Bishop’s
also incomparable poem, “The Map.”

La Kid Does Medusa…

… for her Dublin Halloween.

Hurricane Ophelia Makes a Rainbow in Dublin

La Kid just snapped this photo
from her apartment’s sitting room.

UD’s Jet Setting Kid Spends Today…

… at the Dublin Horse Show.

She sends this snap.

La Kid, Right Now, Croke Park, Quarter Finals, Roscommon/Mayo

Gaelic football? Something of
that sort.

I mean, you can watch it.

La Kid, Yesterday, Dublin Pride Parade

La Kid (foreground)…

… with her buddies on a sunny Irish day
on the Bray to Greystones Cliffwalk.

La Kid, Dublin, in the Rain and Wind, on Saint Patrick’s Day.

An American in Dublin

La Kid takes part in

Ireland’s Women’s March.
Happening now.


As for the local march,
here’s a representative headline.


UD‘s cousin Karen (actress
and director), on her way
to the DC march this AM.

La Kid’s Award-Winning New Dublin Voices…

… makes a fund-raising YouTube.

La Kid shows up at the 35-second mark – she’s the blond in the middle.

They’re good. Promise.

La Kid sends this snapshot from the …

… restaurant in Dublin where her office
Christmas party is happening right now.

The same Picasso reproduction hangs in
our Garrett Park house. It’s one of
our many homages to Munro Leaf, author of
Ferdinand the Bull, who lived here
before we did.

Repeal the 8th

La Kid and a friend support


Irish abortion rights.

My Kid at 26.


Frighteningly attractive.

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