UD’s father was an immunologist…

… so she takes an interest in stories about immunity. Here’s an excerpt from one in today’s NYT:

Dr. Lemon’s prescription for a better immune system doesn’t end there. “You should not only pick your nose, you should eat it,” she said.

Judicial temperament…

Texas style!

Sometimes you just have to laugh.

Mahmood married an Isis fighter and reportedly rose up the group’s ranks to become a leading figure in the al-Khansaa brigade, the feared all-female force tasked with enforcing the group’s interpretation of sharia law with women and children.

Punishments have included arrests and beatings for women going outside without a male chaperone, lashes for wearing form-fitting abayas and floggings for “not being meek enough.”

Some People Just Can’t Follow Rules.

Whether it’s an inability to follow Medicare/Medicaid rules, landing him in court for this country’s largest healthcare fraud trial, or an inability to follow the rules of the court that’s trying him (behavior that angered the judge and got his mother and one of his lawyers banned from the room and indeed from the building), it’s amazing to watch the weird ways of incorrigibly sociopathic Philip Esformes. The man who bribed U Penn’s basketball coach (who goes to prison soon) to get his son on the team appears actually incapable of licit activity; whatever is it, it’s got to be illicit.

Doesn’t matter how petty it is, either. From Law 360:

Miami nursing home mogul Philip Esformes’ mother, who previously had been warned by the judge about communicating with her son during his $1 billion health care fraud trial, was thrown out of the courtroom Tuesday after she was caught receiving a note from her son.

Just after a mid-morning break in testimony and before the jurors were let back into the Florida federal courtroom, U.S. District Judge Robert N. Scola Jr. said someone had seen an attorney pass along a note from Esformes to his mother despite a warning earlier in the trial that this would not be allowed.

“We’ve already had problems from this,” the judge said. “Mrs. Esformes is excluded from the courtroom and the courthouse.”

The stunned woman, who has sat in the audience for most of the trial, was then escorted by the bailiff out of the courtroom.

Stunned. You can see where Phil gets his ideas about rules.

Whew. Did Tufts ever dodge a blow.

Not long ago, wild and wacky Keith Ablow was on their faculty. They dislodged him just in time.

Graduated Sackler; Has the Esformes Chair…

… how many more besmirched names can this guy fit on his business card?

Blackface, blackface, blackface is the…

color of my political establishment...

Der Spiegel Goes to Fergus Falls

Claas will go to Fergus now,
And pierce the deep wood’s — make that prairie’s — shade,
And interview the local bores.
Young man, approach this mindless sow
Make buddies with that cretin maid,
And brood on fact and truth no more.

And no more turn aside and brood
Upon this country’s mystery;
For Fergus is your mason jar,
Containing all our kinfolk rude
And all our white supremacy
And all our politics bizarre.


Yukata be kidding.

Cinghiale alla …


Which is The Onion and Which is Not?

Woman In Burqa Condemns Woman in Chador

Burqa-Wearing Islamic Preacher Slams Muslim Women for Wearing Hijabs

Structurally unsound canapés

Where UD learned her manners.

Separated at Birth:


And Rooney Mara.

Finally, some good…


“I spoke metaphorically. —My metaphor was drawn from …

agriculture. Ahem!


[About Christine Ford, Senator Mitch McConnell recently said:] “We’re going to plow right through this.” Plow right through this, meaning, we’re going to plow right through this woman’s, you know, accusations and she’s, you know, presumably, if she does testify, it’s going to be her trauma and her — it’s going to be a very emotional kind of presentation.

Lisa Lerer, New York Times


UPDATE: Schumer can’t resist opening his remarks today with the same quotation.

And why is it so popular to hit McConnell on the terminology? Because, uh…

Royal wench! She made great Caesar lay his sword to bed. He plowed her, and she cropped.

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