First drug and sex addict Carmen Puliafito, and then sexual harassment and retaliation creep Rohit Varma as Deans of the USC Med School: How, asks the USC leadership, do we follow two acts like that?

A well-placed source tells UD that the next dean of the University of Southern California medical school will be Harvey Weinstein.

The only possible…


“The jury found 62-year old Clarence Scranage, Jr., guilty on all counts. [He was described as] a one-man opioid epidemic.”

I know you’ve been waiting for an update on the fate of this guy. We covered his legal argument that because of something having to do with the history of the post office he lies outside the jurisdiction of American courts.

He also represented himself in the case.

Apparently these approaches to his problem did not solve it.

Hiding Out in the Lasch Building

Whether you’re hiding out in the showers or in the Lasch Building; whether you’re raping a boy or avoiding a subpoena… There’s always something happening at Penn State University!

Merely an opportunity …

this story … for UD to share with you one of her favorite ads.

This just in: Martin Shkreli’s Lawyers Have Asked If He Can Attend the Rest of his Trial…

… in a burqa.

You know the joke…

Even though Morris and Sadie had been married for a very, very long time, they still decided to visit a divorce lawyer in Camden Town. At the first meeting, the solicitor asks them, “Why in the world do you want to get divorced? You each look well into your nineties. Why now of all times?”

Morris replies, “Actually, I’m 102 and my wife Sadie is 101.”

The solicitor is totally bemused and asks them again “So why do you want a divorce now?”

Sadie replies this time, “Well, we wanted to wait until all of the children were dead.”


A variant of it is playing out in Palm Beach, with an 88 year old wife demanding a divorce from her 89 year old husband because of the 61 year old tart he has on the side.

All of their children are still alive, but the article about them still made me think of the joke.

They’re both characters, so the whole article is worth reading. Especially the bit about the Wite-Out.


Ο stars No sense of humor; no grasp of free speech.

Le jour de meph est arrivé!

Multiple documents were proven to be forgeries, including one which appeared to be an invoice for a Bitcoin payment for mephedrone (“bath salts”) to be sent to the French National Assembly.

Master Bateman and…

… the rest of the illustrious Exeter crew.

“[David] Seidemann says his problems began after a student anonymously complained about his syllabus, saying the triangular emojis [Seidemann put on it] could actually be interpreted as an attack on LGBT students because during World War II, Nazis forced gay men to wear triangles.”

And that was just the beginning of it…

Iowa State’s Leath Hath All Too Short a Flight

Moo U’s president (background here), aka The Boy Who Thought He Could Fly, has grounded himself.

Chicago State University: North Korea U.

UD has said many times on these pages that corrupt, insane, and paranoid Chicago State University is America’s little North Korea on the Chicago Southside. Just as that country is an experiment in whether secretive ignorant madmen can run a state, CSU is an experiment in whether a similar grouping can run a university.

The two places have another characteristic in common – when you visit either location, there don’t seem to be many human beings about. I guess everyone’s in prison in North Korea, whereas in the case of CSU virtually no one applies or enrolls, which is another innovative aspect of that university: Can you run a public institution of higher education with no students?

UD has, in these pages, answered that question with a resounding yes: You can run a university without students. If the taxpayers of Illinois don’t mind continuing to fund the operation, you can simply have administrators fussing about with this and that – is the air conditioning system working? etc. – and the trustees can continue to hold their Top Secret meetings (which would not in reality be held – only alluded to in speeches from the latest Dear Leader).

[L]ast week [CSU’s] board of trustees approved a separation agreement with Thomas J. Calhoun Jr., who had been named president of the university just nine months earlier.

“But why was he asked to leave?” asked furious students and faculty at Friday’s board meeting.

To which they received a reply that was like an insult.

“Everyone agreed it’s in the best interests of Dr. Calhoun and the university,” said CSU Board Chair Anthony Young.

What does that even mean?

It was The Unanimous Will of the People. By Total Enthusiastic Acclamation the People Decided it was in The Best Interests of the State for Dr. Calhoun to go. Dr. Calhoun Accepts his Fate with Humble Trembling Gratitude and has Begged to enter a State Reeducation Farm so that he can Confess his Deviationism and Learn from the People How he can Better Serve the State.

Beech Grove, Indiana.

All-American town!

“The Dumbest City” is something of an …


It helps to see precisely what citizens of San Antonio, one of America’s dumbest cities, see when they turn on the tv.

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