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… here are a few headlines, to get us up to date on guns in America.




(Don’t worry. No chance in hell it’ll pass.)



(That’ll pass.)


As Andrew Sullivan used to say:
Know Hope.

It began with the Oct. 24 candidate’s debate at Virginia Tech, the site of the worst mass shooting by an individual in U.S. history. In response to a question, Cuccinelli boasted of his A rating from the NRA.

And then McAuliffe did something surprising: He said he didn’t give a fig about the powerful lobby’s rating. And, oh, by the way, he had earned an F.

McAuliffe won the election.


The No Hope position:

[G]uns are tools conceived, built, and used for the primary purpose of killing living things very quickly and with very little effort. They are perfect, and whether men and women and children and babies use them correctly or incorrectly, people get maimed or killed. For this reason, it should be illegal, as it is in most of the world, for most citizens to own guns.

This is apparent to many people, even and especially to many people who sell guns. But it is even more apparent that nothing anyone says or writes about how it is an absolute fucking farce that it is legal for most citizens to own guns matters. Episodes like Roanoke, and Sandy Hook, and Aurora, and Blacksburg, and Charleston affirm that the fight is already lost.

Open Carry: Getting more and more adorable.

… Ann Arbor resident Joshua Wade [openly carried a gun] to his little sister’s choir concert

A President Waiting to Happen

Rick Perry said Friday that the massacre at a black church in Charleston was an “accident” as he accused President Barack Obama of succumbing to a “knee jerk” liberal impulse to push a gun-control agenda.

A spokesman for the Republican presidential candidate said it was clear he meant to say “incident” and simply misspoke.

Shotgun …




“I think overall it’s good for business, I really do. It’s those little instances you have that make the weekend look bad.”

Ah, America. The head of the Myrtle Beach Merchants Association, gearing up for this year’s Memorial Day crowd, touches delicately on last year, when “three people died and seven were injured in eight shootings.” And still those little things remain


Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco. The Spinnaker Club in Panama City Beach. These places, and whatever place this year’s melees in Myrtle Beach will choose, are emerging as icons of a peculiar form of capitalism — the form you get when you combine a society of the spectacle with guns and a totally unhinged profit motive.

It’s odd. The rhetoric of these massive motorcycle rallies is one of personal freedom, yet the events instantly turn their locales into police states. Read the details of the security presence and restriction of movement in Myrtle Beach.


People are starting to notice the same thing at university football games. Because the drunken crowd is so nasty, everyone’s under heavy surveillance.

Summer School at Baylor University, Cont’d:

With open carry, you’ll get FAR better pictures for your Facebook coverage of the next shootout down the street. We’re talking Mad Max Fury Road!

Summer School at Baylor Isn’t Looking Too Good

Of immediate concern to authorities has been the prospect for more violence here, as other motorcycle gang members have been rumored to be headed to Waco in response to the clash.

Swanton said law enforcement agencies began receiving intelligence reports Sunday night that a “green light” had been put out on officers in uniforms by several of the gangs.

Monday morning, members of of the Waco Police Department, Texas Rangers and Texas Department of Public Safety remained on the scene heavily armed with military-style rifles and other weaponry.

Congratulations, Baylor Grads and Families!!

Step carefully over the bodies on your way home.

“Officials are hearing reports and seeing evidence of many biker gang members coming into town from throughout the state.”

The big biker war in Waco isn’t over – more gang members are heading to town.

Kind of a nice break for Baylor University that graduation ceremonies were yesterday.

Still, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a campus lockdown at some point, if police aren’t able to control the second wave of gun-toting hordes.

“[I]n my profession, …it’s not an exaggeration to say that masculinity is viewed as the root of all evil. If you were to take a literary theory course, you might think it would be about literature, but it’s really not. It’s about all the various forms of oppression on earth and how we can see them playing out in literary works. And behind all these forms of oppression is a guy. So in a humanities department, masculinity is associated with everything oafish, violent, and oppressive.”

Jonathan Gottschall talks with Sam Harris.

Spring Break in Panama City Beach.

It’s all over but the rhetoric.

Unfortunately, hosting families there is also over, at least for awhile. There’s something about mass shootings, rapes on the beach, and the confiscation of large numbers of fire arms that seems to put families off.

I hate it, but I’ll say it. It’s time for us to bring the madness of Panama City Spring Break to a halt by staying away. Parents, if you allow your children to go into that snake pit then you are simply contributing to the problem.


Shame on Panama City Beach for letting itself devolve into what it has become,” said Nicki E. Grossman, now president of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau.


“We’re in chaos right now,” says resident Wes Pittman. “This Spring Break and the way it has evolved over the last couple years has become a blight on the entire community.”


UD finds it fascinating in a Lord of the Flies way. Allow certain ingredients to be put together in a concentrated way in a specific location, and you can actually destroy civilized life.

“For McKeithen and some others watching Spring Break, there had been a fear that it was only a matter of time until violence erupted due to the proliferation of people coming into town with guns.”

Hey – you’re not gonna fuck with our gun rights, are you? Guns and spring break go together like lilacs and crocuses.


Panama City Beach Mayor Gayle Oberst said business owners informed the council that banning alcohol from the beach, where tens of thousands of revelers gather, would devastate business.


Having multiple college student gunshot victims in your town can make the locals petulant. Panama City, site of the latest mass shooting, called an emergency town council session.

The meeting was contentious almost from the beginning, with [one council member] asking [another] what was the purpose of an emergency meeting and [getting the reply], “We have blood on our hands, and so do you….”

Later, after [a council member] said he didn’t want to see knee-jerk reactions to a shooting that “surprised” everyone, [another] challenged that statement.

“The shooting last night was a surprise to you, sir? … Can you honestly say that?”

“Of course it was a surprise; I was not aware of it until this morning,” [he] answered.

…. “We’re dealing with some of the worst of the worst of the worst [elements] in all of the U.S.,” [one townsperson] said. Some of it can be fixed, but the difficulty in solving the problem is “amplified by the fact that y’all hate each other.”

Here’s the deal, Panama City Beach-wise: What’s good for getting kids shot up is also, as it happens, good for business. You take the good with the bad in life.


Shoot and the world shoots with you.

Saturday’s shooting was the sixth firearm-related call of the night, authorities said.

Sibling Rivalry: In America, we do it bigger, better…

… and sooner.

“People took cover in the book aisles to hide from the gunman in case he came onto the floor.”

A gunman last night in the Florida State University library injures three people, leaves the building, and gets killed by campus police when he points his gun at them.

The library was full of students, presumably studying for finals.


Were the shootings targeted? (Probably not.)

Was it a crazed student? Are non-students able to get into the library? Did the shooter shoot his way in?

Why did the shooter stop shooting and leave the library? Why did the shooter not keep shooting until police closed in and then kill himself?

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