Copycat Shooting at Seattle Pacific University…

… where, if reports are right, a student at the scene, in an act of great courage, disarmed the gunman.

One student is dead; three others are injured, and one of them is in critical condition.


UD thanks Dirk.

‘”We have decided the prudent path, to further our goals, is to immediately cease taking long guns into corporate businesses unless invited,” the statement said.’

Why not open carry them on the campus of UC Santa Barbara? UD is sure you’ll be welcomed as heroes.

Sumbitch says he wants to listen to the presidents.

Interview with Timothy Delasandro, Republican candidate, Texas House of Representatives.

Q On your website, you offer a chance to win an AR-15 in exchange for a $12 contribution. Even in a culture pretty heavy into guns, isn’t this a little over the top, pretty close to pandering?

A I wouldn’t say pandering, but we do want to put our credentials on the Second Amendment out there. So, yes, we’re trying to make a statement. If you want to talk about Second Amendment issues, I support open carry, which the current incumbent didn’t co-sponsor during the last session. I support campus carry. And while the incumbent did vote for that, since then he’s had a couple statements where he’s been more ambiguous about that and says he wants to listen to the presidents of the universities more. So I wouldn’t say we’re pandering, we’re just trying to make a statement.

Q It’s a pretty wild website of yours, with you firing that AR-15.

A Well, that’s the point. And you’ve got the incumbent who is in Texas Monthly for saying that ping pongs kill more people than guns. We are trying to show there is a difference in records.

Q Are you getting lots of feedback?

A We are getting lots of feedback. We have it on Facebook as well. What we hear the most is, “Is that legal?” If you click on it and look at the small print, you can do an entry by mail for free, so you don’t have to contribute to enter. We gave a 12-gauge shotgun away earlier. One of the Baylor University students won it right before Christmas. It was actually funny. The day he won it, his dad posted on our Facebook page that “This is so cool. My son doesn’t have to figure out what to get me for Christmas now!”

Motives in the Latest Campus Shooting…

… this one at at Purdue, where a teaching assistant sought out and shot a fellow teaching assistant to death, are unknown. Both worked for an engineering school professor. The killer apparently walked calmly to the classroom where he knew the victim would be, shot him multiple times, and then walked around a bit, waiting to be arrested.

Let us speculate.

The dead man was dating a woman the killer wanted to date.

The dead man was impressing the professor more than the killer was, and this enraged the killer.

The victim had ridiculed or put down the shooter in some way.

The victim and the shooter had had an earlier altercation, and this was payback.

The killer is a psychopath. (Very unlikely. They either kill themselves after they finish killing, or, like Amy Bishop, they drop the gun in a trash bin and proceed to go out to dinner with their husband. Bishop considered herself far too clever ever to be caught.)


UPDATE: Hints begin to emerge:

[B]oth a Purdue professor who worked with him and a Purdue student say he could be rude and disliked being told he was wrong…

Purdue Professor Thomas Talavage describes Cousins as intense and aggressive about his projects. He says Cousins “didn’t like to be told he was wrong.”

UD is reminded of another university workplace murder: Annie Le’s killing at Yale. Some of the people who knew her murderer, who worked with Le, “described him as a ‘control freak’ who was competitive in sports, compulsive about his work habits and controlling in his romantic relationships.”

This Time It’s Yale.

The campus in on lockdown: People report seeing a man with a gun, and the school received word from someone saying that his roommate (it’s unclear whether this means a Yale student) said he planned to come to campus and shoot people.

Here’s the message when you go to right now.


UPDATE: Things seems to have calmed down, and the lockdown has for the most part been called off. Police are suggesting that sightings of someone with a gun were most likely people seeing first responders to the scene.

How to win an election in Virginia.

It began with the Oct. 24 candidate’s debate at Virginia Tech, the site of the worst mass shooting by an individual in U.S. history. In response to a question, Cuccinelli boasted of his A rating from the NRA.

And then McAuliffe did something surprising: He said he didn’t give a fig about the powerful lobby’s rating. And, oh, by the way, he had earned an F.

Armed Person Reported at Indiana…

University Bloomington. Odd hour and day for a sighting, a lockdown. Five, six, on a Sunday morning.


Students fighting; one had a knife and used it. Non-lethally.

“I see Coach K really can prepare his players for life in the NBA.”

It’s never too soon to start learning. If tradition means anything to you.

Legendary tradition.


Duke pays Coach K, the genius who thought this photo-op up, ten million dollars a year. By some standards, he’s the highest paid college coach in America.

Expect him to earn twelve or thirteen million next year.

With the militarization of American universities proceeding apace…

… (see background here), we are going to need armories and we are going to need shooting ranges, by way of preparing campus police for crowd control.

Crowd control, in the current context of big-time university sports (start at 1:56), increasingly means keeping people inside the stadium or arena until the game is over.

One way to do this would be to use your tanks and guns to intimidate people into staying. Occasionally, you might have to fire (non-lethal) materials.

Ideally, these armories/shooting ranges would themselves be arenas and stadiums, so that university security personnel could get a realistic sense of crowd, uh, containment.

One central location UD proposes for a national armory of this sort would be Cleveland State University’s Wolstein Center. Like many excitedly built university stadiums (CSU was excited because one of its teams did well one year, and the trustees decided that before you knew it CSU would be king of the world, so they needed a new stadium), this one is an empty, money hemorrhaging mess.

After getting the latest year-end financial report, which again showed a $1 million loss, [CSU] trustees today said the university has to examine all options, even those as improbable as demolishing it.

But whoa! How about renting it out to universities all over the country (world?) for practice? With Berkeley having recently rejected an eight-ton armored truck as “not the best choice for a university setting,” we can anticipate industry offering a line of university-appropriate heavy weaponry – tanks in soft shades, with quotations from Virginia Woolf on them… Some of these could be gathered at Wolstein for use by any university interested in learning how to keep students in their seats.

CSU’s big competition is Florida Atlantic University. FAU is not only located in Florida rather than Ohio, but has a much bigger empty stadium (30,000 vs. 13,000 seats). CSU will have to act fast to secure market share.

“I wonder why [Ohio State University] would need a .50-caliber machine-gun cupola mount.”

OSU can see the trend as well as anyone else. When you’ve given everything your university has to football, it’s pretty important that people go to the games.

But people aren’t going to the games.

Which makes you, a university, a school, really, rather than a playing field, look pretty fucking stupid.

What to do?

Current stop-gap measures are incentive-based (see post below): Give students who stay in the stands two thousand dollars. If students promise to stay at least until halftime give them free drinks, free burgers, a stuffed toy, Legos.

But people tend to resent, after awhile, being infantilized. They tend to catch on to what’s happening.

This is where the Ambush vehicle comes in. The moment students start pouring out of a stupid pointless game, just roll that baby to the middle of the field and slowly, slowly, ever so slowly, revolve her turret… Give fans a good view of the big guy (one of the players?) up there on her “roof-mounted shielded traversing gun turret able to fit a 7.62 mm medium or 12.7mm heavy class machine gun.” They’ll get the message without your having to fire one shot!

Wussy little Berkeley ain’t biting yet.

Last year, when University of California-Berkeley campus police tried to buy an 8-ton armored truck, university officials canceled the order, saying such a vehicle was “not the best choice for a university setting.”

But give it time. You know how guys are when it comes to having the best toys.

“In a post Aurora-Newtown environment, it’s a reckless and irresponsible stunt to strut around in public with an assault-style weapon and think police should assume you’re well-intentioned,” Flynn told the Journal Sentinel. “It’s just absurd. This has nothing to do with the Second Amendment. These characters and those who support them should be ashamed of themselves.”

AR-15′s at the Farmer’s Market.



Another outrageous attack on our…

Second Amendment rights.

The whole this-could-kill-you-and-other-people-too aspect of big-time university football and basketball is routinely…

… overlooked.  Brain injury, drunk driving, gun-play — the sorts of activities significant numbers of high-profile-sports student athletes engage in — these things get less attention than bogus courses and friends with impermissible benefits, etc.

UD isn’t sure why, given the obviously greater drama of that first list… Maybe it’s because some of that stuff hasn’t happened yet, as it were (eventually some players will probably die of football-inflicted brain injuries…), and while the other stuff (drunk driving, gun-play) does happen here and now  it usually  doesn’t end up actually killing anyone.   Plus millions of Americans play with their guns and get drunk and get into fights and all.  Big deal.

The other stuff, the academic stuff, can have all sorts of NCAA implications, which can hurt team performance, etc.  It can hurt eligibility.

Thus Luke DeCock, a Kansas City  Star writer, notes how bizarre it is that the latest fuckup on a University of North Carolina sports team is in trouble for hanging out with a professional agent and possibly taking gifts from him and all, but no one seems to care that a gun was found just outside the car he was driving when he was recently arrested.

Drive around with a 9 mm handgun and nine rounds of ammunition … and you’re asking for real trouble. That was also found outside Hairston’s car, and while the police said Wednesday they don’t anticipate any additional charges against Hairston, there’s still no explanation for the gun. That’s the really worrying thing about this entire episode.

NCAA violations very rarely put lives at risk. Guns kill.

There have been 14 homicides in Durham in 2013 already. It’s an unchecked epidemic of violence, too much of it taking place in the same neighborhood where Hairston and his friends were arrested.

Read more here:

As DeCock writes:

Not to be deliberately obtuse, but while rental cars and parking tickets have added a whiff of conspiracy to P.J. Hairston’s troubles, isn’t the bigger issue that a gun was found outside the car the North Carolina basketball star was driving when he was arrested?


Read more here:

Apparently it’s being obtuse to believe that the weaponry student athletes are carting around is more disturbing than the mysterious Yukon SUVs they’re driving. I mean, unavoidable bottom line here seems to be that we don’t much care whether they kill themselves or even us; we care that their team remains eligible.

I think this is how you get to Aaron Hernandez.

“19-year-old Carlton Teague Phillips told police he fired two rounds of an AK-47 into a sand pit at the frat house.”

It’s so cute to see the weapons our kids choose for their early college years. As Carlton’s social confidence at Arkansas State University grows, UD looks forward to following his progress from the AK-47 to the M16 and then maybe the Vz58.

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