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How Hard is it to Transfer to Colombia?

It’s a little tricky.

Update, La Vie de Waco, Heart of the Heart of America.

America’s rapeabilliest campus, Baylor University (scroll down), conducts its life of the mind business in Waco Texas, famous for murderous cults, biker boy shootouts, and breastaurants. To be kind, Waco is probably as close to the creation of an atmosphere for serious learning and respect for women Texas can manage, so let’s not be judgmental. Let’s instead update ourselves on the various ongoing Waco trials of various biker boys.

The 2015 shootout, a routine druggie-gunnie turf war that spilled beyond the confines of a breastaurant onto streets where Baylor families were celebrating graduation, killed a lot of people and kinda left a bloody mess all over Waco but I mean bikers go to Waco cuz Waco loves guns so much. Gunnies feel genuinely welcome there.

475 weapons were seized following the incident. The number includes 151 firearms, 12 of which were long guns. Other weapons recovered included knives, brass knuckles, batons, tomahawks, a hatchet, stun guns, bats, clubs, a machete, a pipe, an ax, pepper spray and a chain.

It can get a little noisy trying to study at Baylor, but that’s the sound of freedom.

Now here’s one trial we can take a look at. Headline:

Bandido biker yells at Waco judge in court: “Three years and nothing!”

This guy, seen standing over the dead body of a rival biker at the shootout, is pissed because it’s taking a long time to hear his case and meanwhile he can’t carry his AR-57 or talk to gunmates. But the mean judge seems to think the guy still shouldn’t have access to firearms….

But haha you and I know the guy still carries guns; he just wants to do so and not risk arrest.


UPDATE: But UD doesn’t want you to think that her very own neighborhood hasn’t been stockpiling too!

Reminds you of Amy Bishop, doesn’t it?

Professor Bishop, like the Aurora mass shooter, opened fire shortly after she learned of her termination (at the University of Alabama); and like the Aurora shooter she did the deed during a meeting with colleagues. And like the Aurora shooter, she had quite the violence/mental illness history (she sent bombs to perceived enemies; she shot her brother to death) and should never have had access to a gun. How much of the scary criminal background of these two employees did the university and the factory know about?

Anticipatory Sibling Rivalry…

… American-style. The NRA is currently funding studies on how to arm fetuses for a fair fight.

Kids Say the Darndest Things!

‘Tis a fine country that makes sure 19-year-old lads have full access to the latest in firearms.

Only 19, Texas Tech student Hollis Daniels stepped up to a campus policeman sitting at a desk typing a report and blew his head right off. OOOOPS! said wee Hollis. “I fucked up.”

Only 19 and U. Central Florida student Max Chambers kept in his car on campus an

AR-15 modified to shoot fully-automatic.

Police said Chambers also had manufactured three drop-in auto sears, which can convert a firearm to shoot multiple bullets with a single trigger pull. Chambers told police he made the devices in December and had tested one earlier this month .

A UCF police spokeswoman declined to say how detectives believe he made the devices, citing an ongoing investigation. He told police he knew the devices were against the law, but said he doesn’t like laws, according to his arrest report.

Your membership is dead.

It used all them guns to kill itself. And others.

‘Many people are close to the edge at any given time, for a variety of reasons. In a country full of guns, most of those that go over the edge choose the simplest path and take their own lives. And some act on other impulses. This will not change. This will get …



There are many degrees of complicity in the moral universe, apart from simple guilt: unconscious collusion, deliberate negligence, and gross deliberate negligence among them. Historians of violence will consider all these in passing verdicts on our gun-obsessed society and on the politicians who did nothing to rein it in.

It’s handy to have a gun in the house for when your demented 11-year-old decides to kill his brother and himself.

Now, you make sure you put it somewhere he can find it, ya hear?

American Doctors Tweet Against the NRA…

… which, typically, is stupid enough to think that people are more interested in getting riled up against elites than in saving their children’s lives.

With a nation’s daily carnage fully before their eyes, with our hospitals overflowing with the dying, the NRA tweets this:

Someone should tell self-important anti-gun doctors to stay in their lane. Half of the articles in Annals of Internal Medicine are pushing for gun control.

Enraged, heartbroken, doctors are tweeting back.

Unless you are working beside me in my Pediatric ER while I code a child dying from a gun shot wound while his mother screams in a way that will stay with you forever you need to STAY IN YOUR LANE. Gun control and gun violence is ABSOLUTELY my business.

There’s a lot more where that came from.


Should this get ugly, UD has a helpful hint for the NRA: Send out a tweet saying that George Soros is funding the doctors’ tweets. Jewish doctors, you know … Soros is a Jew …

‘Once Again, Some of the People at a Mass Shooting Had Almost Been Killed in an Earlier Mass Shooting’

Mass gun slaughter: It’s everywhere you want to be!

Cal State Channel Islands, California Lutheran…

… these are among the universities near last night’s mass shooting at a college night in a bar in Thousand Oaks.


“[E]very country contains mentally ill and potentially violent people. Only America arms them.”


Also Pepperdine, Moorpark…


“[S]ome [of the victims] were survivors of the massacre at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas that left 58 dead last year.”

A Professor Gunned Down…

in Florida.

The 21-year-old FSU student she was with was also murdered.

Motive? Too early to say but here’s a guess: The student broke up with the killer, or wouldn’t date him …

So many murders. You’ve probably already forgotten about her colleague.

Why is everyone at LSU and Southern University …


Beautiful weather, a low cost of living and gorgeous natural surroundings haven’t stopped Louisiana’s capital city from making it big in the world of crime and murder. Baton Rouge has outdone the rest of the state, which is [itself] 40 percent more violent than the nation as a whole. New Orleans is more popular, so Baton Rouge seized the opportunity to top the violent crime list. Baton Rouge isn’t a very large city, but it manages to attract attention by having 49 murders annually. If you have a death wish, it’s a great destination.

Why would you send your kid to school there?

“Today everything that is wrong with our state has taken hold and shaken me. Senseless gun violence has once again taken another young soul from us. It’s crushing.”

Southern University homecoming event.

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