Buddha with Cardinal Climber…


… in late summer. UD‘s back deck.

Kelly Folkers, a Fellow Garrett Parker UD has Known Since She Was a Little Girl…

… scores, at the tender age of 26, an opinion piece in the New York Times.

Color UD impressed.

UD’s friend and former student, Gabe Muller, who works for Atlantic Media Strategies…

interviews Diane Von Furstenburg about her experience as an immigrant to the United States.

Here they are, after the interview.


Finally decided to face the heat and walk to the Garrett Park Post Office.

While there, UD visited the family brick.


And her father’s brick.


Lush Life.

In rain and one hundred degree heat


everything grows. Like lawn mushrooms.


“Clean as a whistle and…

… ready for love!”

UD sang this line repeatedly after Dr. Pollack, this afternoon, congratulated her on her incredibly clean colon. She was just coming out of anesthesia, and of course UD would, just coming out of anesthesia, sing.

She got the words wrong. It’s “Fit as a fiddle and ready for love.”


This was her first screening colonoscopy. What can she say that hasn’t already been said by better writers.

She does turn out to have a tortuous colon.

This summer, the Buddha’s looking at…


Cardinal Climber.

Snapshots from Home

It’s been a way arty week for UD: A local production of The Drowsy Chaperone featuring her cousin; Bloomsday in Chestertown; piano/violin duets at my place with my friend Annie (Saint-Saens, The Swan; Schubert, Serenade; a stab at Mozart, Sonata No. 7); and, at the moment, a photography exhibit in DC – ‘eighties pix of The Smiths. (Here’s the book.) UD was dragged here


by her sister the Morrissey fanatic. (The photographer is the woman in the black dress/black shoes.)

The duets were initially nerve-wracking and then exhilarating. UD – a hopeless amateur at the piano – has never tried actually performing with another person, and Annie is a serious violinist. But UD accepted her invitation to play some pieces together, and it went pretty well. More importantly, UD experienced the great and somewhat astonishing pleasure of creating with another person celestial harmonies. She found herself thinking about a line from Albert Schweitzer — he recalls that when he was young something as simple as the two-part harmony in the song In The Mill by the Stream “thrilled me all over, to my very marrow, and similarly the first time I heard brass instruments playing together I almost fainted from excess of pleasure.”

A beautiful evening in UD’s side yard.

Foreground, pretend bull.

Background, real deer.

Click for details.


Buddha Crowned with a Broken Robin’s Egg…


…that I found along one
of my paths this afternoon.

UD’s Cousin Karen Performs…

… this weekend…


… in The Drowsy Chaperone.

Performance times here.

(You last saw her in
this commercial.)

UD’s Back Garden


Click on it.
Forgive the blurriness.
I was in a hurry.
Deer sometimes charge people.

La Kid in the Urban Jungle


The Garfield Park Conservatory.

On her way to Ireland.

Phallus Rubicundus Exhibiting…


…quite the erection along
one of UD‘s garden paths.

La Kid and UD spend an afternoon at …


… the Newseum, after a
robustly expensive lunch
at The Capital Grille.

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