La Kid and UD spend an afternoon at …


… the Newseum, after a
robustly expensive lunch
at The Capital Grille.

Irises in Front of Our …


… Cambridge house.

Photographer: Joanna Soltan

UD’s sister…


UD’s Nephew By Marriage Is Graduating from Boston University Med School…


…even as we speak.

He’s embracing UD‘s
niece, Giulia.


UD thanks Betty for
the image.

Margaret’s Nature Journal

Along our forest path,


orange peel fungus.

Yes, I’m following America’s latest high-profile shooting – this one in my neighborhood.

My cousin’s husband is sheltering in place at the high school where he teaches.

La Kid’s first job was at the mall’s Lush store.

The mall is just down the street from UD‘s high school, Walter Johnson.

She was at Montgomery Mall two days ago, buying plants.

After last night’s big storm…


… mushrooms, suddenly,
on all the dead limbs.

Eau de Pomo

In a ‘thesdan doctors’ office this afternoon for a routine visit, UD experienced, from within her bubble, postmodernity.

First came the affluence part. Affluence and ease.

The office was gorgeous, with stylishly stenciled huge glass doors to the waiting room. A bevy of friendly greeters greeted UD; they were pleased that she had already filled out the paperwork they mailed her a few days ago.

UD scanned the magazines available (Opera News, Washingtonian), grabbed one, and took a comfy seat. Flat screens here and there featured a soundless film about Antarctican bird life. Everyone in the waiting room gazed at its endless bright blue skies.


Then came the technology part. Their computers, they announced, were working very slowly. Maybe they were even down. They were certainly down intermittently. “The doctors are running a little late. We apologize.”

So more bird gazing and opera updates… But after forty-five minutes had passed, UD told one of the greeters that she would have to leave.

“Oh, don’t do that. Let me check… You’re next. The nurse will be right here.”

Out she came and ushered UD into the doctor’s examining room, where the deal clearly was that UD was supposed to continue the same wait there.

So after fifteen minutes UD got up and started to leave the doctors’ office.

“I’ll knock on the doctor’s door. Don’t leave,” said the nurse. “He’ll be right there.”

UD went back to the examining room but this time she didn’t sit down. She was willing to mill around the small space for another five minutes but that was it.

In came the very apologetic doctor. “Our computers are down! I’ve been in my office trying to connect!”

La Kid in UD’s Front Yard – Après Avoir Voté …


… at the voting station
in her small old elementary
school, which is now a big
new elementary school.

She wears her I Voted
sticker with pride.

Margaret’s Nature Journal


UD finds the remains of a hornet nest.

UD Goes to the Beach.

UD this morning leaves the absurdly massively blooming azaleas of Garrett Park for Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. She will of course blog from there.

Spring Awakening Chez UD


Somewhat out of focus.

But the most focused
one I was able to take.

Click on the image
for a bigger view.

After UD’s Poetry Lecture at the Georgetown Public Library Yesterday…

La Kid walked down the street to
meet friends at Georgetown’s cat cafe,


Crumbs and Whiskers.

UD Gets a 9…

… on the Bubble Quiz.

Her bubble,’thesda, appears here, under “Washington.”

The key to her unconscionably low score is her failure to watch television.

Mr UD used to drag her to Ponderosa Steakhouses, but he hasn’t in a long time. If he had not caved in to her demands that he stop taking her there, her score would have been better.

After tussling about whether to maintain Bill Cosby’s honorary degree…

UD‘s university now struggles with whether it made the right decision in spending tuition money to give this guy a stage, so he can sing this.

No, I mean the university promises that this guy promises not to sing that song at the Spring Fling.

“We hope students will continue to discuss Mr. Bronson and the entirety of his work and decide for themselves whether it has merit,” the organization wrote.

Because once you really open yourself to the guy’s oeuvre

But I mean the program board has already decided his work has merit, yes? An aesthetic decision has been made by UD’s university, and that decision is that this guy and his music are meritorious.

Welcome, spring!

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