View from my Thanksgiving Table


Deer eating a pumpkin.

Willows in High Wind at the Kennedy Center


One of UD’s colleagues…

… helps organize a group of artists and intellectuals looking for ways to resist hate crimes in America.

“The sunlight on the garden…


… Hardens and grows cold,
We cannot cage the minute
Within its nets of gold.”


UD‘s woods, on a cold
bright windy autumn day.

3:03 PM, Mid-November.


The street in front of UD‘s house.

Early sunset.

Seen from a screened window.

Buddha in morning sunlight…


on a shiny black table
after a little rain.

UD‘s garden, November.

UD’s Campus, Moments Ago.

Just outside UD‘s office window (she’s not on campus today), one of the many food trucks along GW’s main drag is on fire.

Social media means that there are many excellent photographs of the smoke and flames. Apparently it’s the Falafel Bus. Lots of smoke – visible across the river in Virginia.

One student tweets:

Currently a falafel food truck on fire on campus and I just really feel like this is somehow something that would happen.

Yesterday UD had Indian food for lunch from the truck parked next to the Falafel Bus … There are food trucks everywhere, and maybe the student’s right that midday, with tons of students lined up for a meal, the situation is a grease fire waiting to happen.

Three injured people are at GW Hospital.


A 2012 New York City fire de­part­ment study on food trucks found sev­eral com­mon fire haz­ards that could cause ex­plo­sions, in­clud­ing the pres­ence of mul­ti­ple pro­pane cyl­in­ders, hot fryer oil and grills, com­pressed gas­ses, high volt­age elec­tric­ity and bio haz­ards from un­safe san­i­tary con­di­tions.


Taken by a student from his dorm across the street.


UPDATE: The likely cause:

A fire that destroyed a food truck Wednesday at George Washington University, leaving three workers injured, started when an employee tried to fill a gas generator while the vehicle was running and food was being prepared and served, according to the D.C. fire department.

A spokesman for the department said the fire started on the outside of the Falafel Bus and quickly spread to the interior, where fuel feeding hot stoves added to the fire’s intensity and helped it quickly spread…

Safety guidelines prohibit mobile vending trucks from refueling while engines are running and while still open to the public. Ideally, the fire department says, the trucks are shut down and driven to a gas station where generators can safely be refilled. At least, officials said, the trucks should be shut to the public, turned off and allowed to cool down before refueling.

UD’s no wildlife photographer…


… and she doesn’t want to get
too close to her herds of deer…

But perhaps you can see that the
grasses she decided to let grow
high this year have become a
deer hostel, with large numbers
of them bedded down in there.

When UD walks the path
in the picture, she sees deer-body
impressions left and right.

A Tree Out of The Wizard of Oz

Seen on our walk this afternoon


through Garrett Park, Maryland.

Autumn, Garrett Park


Just outside the Garrett Park Post Office
this afternoon, as I held the package of
Tangier tea that I’d just picked up there.

UD’s Office Door


Black turtleneck, orange scarf…

Soviet military hat, Twilight Zone poster for her office door, and, later in the day if she has time to get them, scones with orange icing.

UD prepares for this afternoon’s Halloween open house in the George Washington University English department.

On a beautiful, slightly chilly fall day…


Mr UD wraps himself in a
blanket and reads on the deck.

A George Washington University Student, Sara Soltani…

… (no relation to Margaret Soltan) stars in the latest Hillary Clinton ad.


Halloween, George Washington University English Department


Thursday, October 27
from 3-5.

Come say hello to UD
and enjoy the scones with
orange icing or whatever
that she will be giving out.

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