La Kid in UD’s Front Yard – Après Avoir Voté …


… at the voting station
in her small old elementary
school, which is now a big
new elementary school.

She wears her I Voted
sticker with pride.

Margaret’s Nature Journal


UD finds the remains of a hornet nest.

UD Goes to the Beach.

UD this morning leaves the absurdly massively blooming azaleas of Garrett Park for Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. She will of course blog from there.

Spring Awakening Chez UD


Somewhat out of focus.

But the most focused
one I was able to take.

Click on the image
for a bigger view.

After UD’s Poetry Lecture at the Georgetown Public Library Yesterday…

La Kid walked down the street to
meet friends at Georgetown’s cat cafe,


Crumbs and Whiskers.

UD Gets a 9…

… on the Bubble Quiz.

Her bubble,’thesda, appears here, under “Washington.”

The key to her unconscionably low score is her failure to watch television.

Mr UD used to drag her to Ponderosa Steakhouses, but he hasn’t in a long time. If he had not caved in to her demands that he stop taking her there, her score would have been better.

After tussling about whether to maintain Bill Cosby’s honorary degree…

UD‘s university now struggles with whether it made the right decision in spending tuition money to give this guy a stage, so he can sing this.

No, I mean the university promises that this guy promises not to sing that song at the Spring Fling.

“We hope students will continue to discuss Mr. Bronson and the entirety of his work and decide for themselves whether it has merit,” the organization wrote.

Because once you really open yourself to the guy’s oeuvre

But I mean the program board has already decided his work has merit, yes? An aesthetic decision has been made by UD’s university, and that decision is that this guy and his music are meritorious.

Welcome, spring!

Margaret’s Morning Nature Walk…

… through her wild garden/forest
turned up this honeycomb


at the foot of the tree where
last year at this time
she suddenly heard the thundering
sound of thousands of swarming

La Kid.


Saint Patrick’s Day 2016.

Before UD left Boston this morning…

… she took a copy of The God Delusion from her niece’s shelves – a little light reading for her train trip.

As it happens, she hasn’t yet glanced at it, even though we’re now pulling away from New York City. She has put it on her shared table – something to stick her tickets in.

And as we leave Penn Station, here come two young priests (one of whom has just crossed himself as we pick up speed) who ask if they can join UD‘s table.

“Sure,” says UD, “as long as you don’t mind my book.”

One of them looks at it, laughs, and sits down next to UD.

“As long as you,” he says, “don’t mind sitting next to someone delusional.”

Mariposa Bakery, Cambridge


Where UD has gummed
up the works by ordering a
ton of salads and baked goods
(at this hour of the morning
you’re only supposed to order
a brioche). UD loves to walk
cluelessly around cities on
sunny mornings, picking up
goodies as she goes.

UD takes the train up to Boston again today…

… to be with her relative who’s recovering from surgery. She will blog all along the way. She will in particular try to say something meaningful about professors who say outrageous things and professors who say outrageous things.


Somewhere north of Philly. I seem to have said what I wanted to say in this post’s comment thread.

La Kid…


… becomes a serious
kick boxer.

All UD
can think about,
looking at her
done up like
this, is how
much we spent
on her teeth.

Snapshots from Home

“I’ve gone door to door,” said Marshall Cohen, the campaign manager for Jamie Raskin, the state senator, “and people ask, ‘What’s your cash on hand?’ ”


Location, location, location.

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