Halloween, George Washington University English Department


Thursday, October 27
from 3-5.

Come say hello to UD
and enjoy the scones with
orange icing or whatever
that she will be giving out.

Tragedy, ‘thesda-style.

You can’t say people in UD‘s world don’t suffer.

Halloween, Front Garden


Beautiful dead sunflower on a bench on a sunny day…


…at a ‘thesdan pumpkin patch.

Early Morning Deer Skid Tracks, UD’s Front Lawn.


They go nuts at night.

UD’s mother, in UD’s grandmother’s lap.


Plume Moth, UD’s Front Door


Spike Smoke


Early morning smoke curling off
of one of UD‘s fence posts.

Autumn’s finally coming.

A little container garden…


… on UD‘s deck, early fall.

UD’s sister, the Morrissey fanatic…

… is featured in the Guardian newspaper.

The animal shelter-cum-pop-up store was bustling. The dog-sweaters were available in a range of sizes and seemed to be doing particularly good business, as was a purple dog-sized bandana.

Frances Eby, 58, bought a T-shirt which had a famous image of Morrissey with a cat on his head and the words: “My life with Fanny the wondercat”. Eby was originally going to be called Fanny, she said, after her grandmother, but her parents backed out.

Eby had travelled from Maryland to see the Morrissey show. She was with her friend Diane Seltzer, whom she met in 2007 through a Morrissey message board called “Mozketeers”. “I’ve made lifelong friends through Morrissey,” she said.

That’s true about Grandma Wasserman.

We didn’t call Frances Fanny when we were growing up, but we did call her Fooey.

Wondered where the katydid I found in the house yesterday…


… got to. It’s on my piano bench.

UD had begun to worry that her cardinal climber…


… would fail to put out red flowers.
Here’s a very encouraging sign.

Jerzy Soltan’s Home Office, Top Floor, 6 Shady Hill Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts…

… is now a clean well-lighted place
with beautiful views over the square.


The house it’s in is on the market.

Dinner on the Deck Tonight


Because the weather is finally mild.

Peter Levine, Mr UD, and Tetyana Kloubert, at the 2016 European Summer Institute…

DSC06564 (2)

… of Civic Studies in Augsburg, Germany.

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