Steve Rosenberg, recipient of the 2018 Albany Medical Center Prize in Medicine and Biomedical Research…

was a co-author with UD‘s father, Herbert Rapp, on a number of scientific papers way back when.

Elm Sphinx Moth?

Found this clinging to the
brick wall of my house entry.

After gazing at yet another box turtle attracted to her town’s pachysandra…

UD glanced up – during a recent
morning walk through Garrett Park – at
a tree with some bean-like tendrils, and
then at the town tennis courts, and
then at the post office/restaurant.



Better image from today’s walk:
Definitely a catalpa tree.

“Ethical Sustainable Bohemian Comfort”

Snapshots – and fantastic new phrases – from UD‘s DC.

La Vie …

… à ‘thesda.

Okay, Great Falls. Same diff.

UD in Utero, 1953.

Four generations: Mitzi, preggers with UD;
Grandma Fanny Kirson Wasserman; and
Great Grandma Rebecca Kirson.

UD‘s sister Barbara is
already out of the womb.

Mitzi Wasserman (aka UD’s mother), Mount Saint Agnes College, Baltimore, Maryland, late 1940’s.

History of the school here.

University basketball players get paid off! Shocker!! And double shocker that it happens here, at Mr UD’s institution…

… the University of Maryland.

Lawdy. Hand me my smelling salts.

Chez UD, trim some limbs…

… put them in a pile, then take a break
from work (because you feel you are about
to die of heat stroke).

Five minutes later: voila.

A deer buffet.

The Garrett Park Fourth of July Parade

The signs say

Uncle Sam on the back of a Saab
convertible. Foreground, La Kid.

Garrett Park boy scouts.

Independence Under the Heat Dome

They just labored by, every one of them inviting a heart attack while enacting what people persist in calling a Fun Run. Judging by the expressions on their faces, UD would say it’s a Stun Run; but every Fourth, UD‘s hometown, Garrett Park, Maryland, puts on a full day of activities, and they’re not about to suspend the morning race.

As for UD, she has put out a flag,

seating, and citronella.
GP’s parade will be by soon.

UD’s early morning walk…

… takes her to Black Market Bistro,

Garrett Park, Maryland.


This morning’s walk took UD to
the United States Botanic Garden

where she took this picture of the
Capitol dome framed by a palm tree.

Watch as images of two of the Soltan Fangors appear.

Our other two will be featured in Bonham’s New York auction this November.

Need more information before you buy? Scroll down to page 105.

Another Scathing Online Schoolmarm in…

UD‘s hometown, Garrett Park.

“Something old, something very new,” an otherwise respectful report on the royal wedding, said, “Bespoke, cut and sewn by hand, Harry was wearing his aviator wings and a medal honoring his service.” Describing a prince as bespoke is appealing, but cut and sewn is unseemly for the occasion even if true. And it sounds awfully painful.

Matt Gillman, Garrett Park

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