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The university is on pace to lose millions of dollars in revenue after enrollment projections fell drastically short last semester, a report shows.

The university’s fiscal year 2009 third quarter budget report revealed a spring semester enrollment figure of 19,099 — 399 students shy of the expected 19,498. The shortfall could account for nearly $3 million worth of lost revenue, Vice President for Financial and Administrative Affairs Corey Bradford said….

At least they’ve got a plagiarist president and a politically compromised board of trustees to deal with the problem.

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3 Responses to “Enrollment Going Down the Tubes at Southern Illinois University Carbondale”

  1. RandomGrad Says:

    Speaking of "plagarist presidents," here’s a great visualization of a story you’ve mentioned before: "What plagarism looks like."


  2. RandomGrad Says:

    Pardon the spelling errors. Plagiarism with an "i," etc.

  3. Stephen Karlson Says:

    Perhaps Southern’s troubles contribute to the smaller number of applications, although uncertainty about Illinois’s Money Assistance Program (the state provides money grants to students rather than subsidies to universities) might also be present.

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