From The Journal, Queen’s University:

… Wayne Cox, a political studies professor [at Queen’s University in Ontario], said he thinks technology in the classroom can turn students into a passive audience.

“Professors become dependent upon technology and I would argue that that is a bad thing,” he said. “My teaching philosophy is to try to engage the students as much as I possibly can.”

Last year, Cox tried an experiment in his class, POLS261, Introduction to International Politics.

“I banned all laptops in Dunning and made my students a deal,” he said. “I would put all my energy into the lecture if they didn’t bring their laptops to class.”

Cox said he received positive feedback from his students on his actions.

“Students wanted to come to class,” he said. “It was a resounding success and students found it refreshing.” …

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One Response to “Teaching Naked in Kingston”

  1. Tyler Says:

    In the classroom? Maaaybe.

    Attitudes like these are dangerous when extrapolated, though. Look at what internet tools like Piazzza are doing (shameless [but warranted!] plug) and you’ll hopefully see what I mean.

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