In this post, UD noted that Seton Hall University employs, at an enormous salary, a borderline psychotic basketball coach.

This doesn’t distinguish Seton Hall, of course, from many other mad-dog-affirmative universities UD‘s covered on this blog. But Seton Hall understands itself to be a serious Catholic institution, featuring, for instance, faculty retreats devoted to quiet thought about values, and this did seem to UD a notable contradiction.

Under pressure of a big New York Times article last week about its filthy program, Seton Hall has fired this man.


Remarking on his unemployment, the New York Times now writes:

[Coach] Gonzalez is originally from Binghamton, N.Y., the site of the state university whose foray into Division I basketball has caused shame to all university officials who are capable of shame. If Binghamton is still on the make, it might want to consider Gonzo.

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