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Inside Higher Education interviews Eva von Dassow about her recent powerful statement to the University of Minnesota’s clueless, condescending regents.

… [W]hile cuts are being ordered, she said [in her filmed presentation to the university’s leadership] that the new frugality “leaves undiminished the numbers of vice presidents not to mention the salaries of coaches. No, these highly paid positions are not to be reduced. Rather, the university must shed faculty,” she said.

Von Dassow is part of a new organization at the university – Faculty for the Renewal of Public Education. These people have figured out the contents of the strategic initiative.

1. Put the kiddies online.
2. Invest most of our money in sports.
3. Support only vocational, money-making programs.

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3 Responses to “Will “the guiding principles [be] money… or intellectually defensible principles”?”

  1. Bill Gleason Says:

    Thanks to our friend Veblen and PZ Meyers of Pharyngula fame, Professor von Dassow’s video has gone viral with more than ten thousand views on YouTube.

    For a link and a little more information please see “Transformational Verbigeration at the U” on the Minneapolis Star-Tribune website: http://bit.ly/dgxauC

    Bill Gleason, U of Minnesota faculty and alum

  2. ricki Says:

    To all those advocating the abolition of tenure: do you think an adjunct who was employed “at will” by the university would be brave enough to say what she said?

  3. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Excellent point, ricki.

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