… brings its best minds to bear on the most important problem in the world:

How can we continue tailgating jest the way we like it?

Recall that in recent years at the University of Georgia (Our Library: Your Pissoir) the drunken mayhem, and the filth left behind on campus after the mayhem, has gotten to to the point where the administration has begun to notice. Given how much money the school makes on tailgaters, it needs to strike a delicate balance between encouraging alcoholics to play on campus, and keeping library personnel, the day after, from finding oceans of piss in the entryways.

Here are some thoughts about the problem, from a comment thread to this article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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3 Responses to “America’s Worst University…”

  1. LS Says:

    I live on the edge of downtown and I have to “hole up” on game days. People p!ssing in my front yard and everything gets trashed.
    No alumni donations from me.

  2. Stephen Karlson Says:

    Context matters. That comment thread is full of trash-talking by fans of other southeastern football programs.

  3. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Stephen: Yes, it is. All such comment threads are full of that category of comment. But note that plenty of the trash talking is being done by locals. They’re embarrassed.

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