… has made for great UD viewing. It’s as if the people running the most corrupt of the spectacularly corrupt Bowl Championship Series games said to themselves What sort of writing can we produce to make UD optimally happy?

Put aside the alliteration-extension clever writers chronicling fiestal filth have already put into play. That’s a fun, but rather thin, amusement.

Look instead at the sudden renaming of the “Fiesta Frolic,” a golf junket for the NCAA (you wouldn’t want these guys actually overseeing what you do), to “Valley of the Sun Experience & Fiesta Bowl Seminars.”


I mean here you get not only the gravitas of ancient history and myth (Valley of the Sun), but intellectual seriousness (seminar)… Frolic? Who said frolic? Did you say frolic? We speet on your frolic!

Then there’s this amazing bit of prose from the head of the Fiesta Bowl’s board of directors – a man who, fittingly, also runs an outfit called Waste Management. It’s one thing to underground diapers; it’s another thing to shovel this much shit.

Duane plucks real hard on our heartstrings throughout his defense of the sublimity of the Fiesta Bowl. I’ll let you read for yourself his sobbing insistence that they’ll come out of this better men. But I do want to reproduce Duane’s final lines.

… I received [an email] last week from Air Force Lt. Col. and Fiesta Bowl Committee member Bob Whitehouse, stationed at Balad Air Base in Iraq.

Half a world away, in the midst of an armed conflict, Lt. Col. Whitehouse sounded a rallying cry for his beloved Fiesta Bowl.

“In the face of adversity,” Whitehouse wrote, “We can either crumble and fail, or we can rise above it and reach even greater success.”

Our choice is clear.

Dr Johnson! Thou should’st be living at this hour.


Update: They’re canceling this year’s event.

Requiem for a Frolic.

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    UD, relative to college football, though only tangentially to this particular post, you might enjoy this from the Boston Globe:


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