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I’d link you to the CDC site, but it’s so popular it has crashed.

This will have to do.

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One Response to “Zombie Preparedness from the CDC”

  1. david foster Says:

    Reminds me of a great website the SEC put up several years ago. It represented itself as an investment site selling some very-high-return deal…something like “gold-backed debentures with a guaranteed minimum return of 24% annually.” When the about-to-be sucker clicked the “Invest Now” button, he got a message: This is the SEC, if it was a real investment offer, you would have lost money. Be careful out there.

    The sad part is that apparently some of the would-be investors were still convinced that the site was real and had been hacked by the SEC…they wanted to get past the hacking to whoever was offering the deal so they could get themselves some of those gold-backed 24% debentures.

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