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Ah, now we’re getting to it. Now we’re getting to the bottom of the scum bucket.

The head of an organization representing the online for-profit schools, pissed that a congressman is opening hearings on their executives’ compensation, asks why the government isn’t going after six million dollar a year coaches.

Why should the feds harass zillionaires who pocket government money while destroying the lives of poor people, when the feds don’t harass zillionaires who pocket the same public money (through non-profit tax breaks, etc.) while destroying the country’s universities?

After all, both zillionaires take the noble cause of higher education and grind it down, down, down, down until it’s so dirty decent people avert their eyes. Why single out our whores and not theirs?

Yet the reason is simple. University football coaches give their students money and sex and great cars. For-profit school presidents give their students nothing.

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