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Could go to prison for as many as forty years. My guess is that he’ll get twenty.


Huguely’s father will testify as part of the sentencing deliberations. Given the gin-soaked existence he and his son both apparently led (Huguely wrote to Yeardley Love days before he killed her that “alcohol is ruining my life”), he may not be the best person to give this testimony. He will probably break down on the stand and speak of his mistakes and his feelings of guilt; but while this will certainly make him and his son look pathetic, it will not necessarily stir sympathy.


Update: Huguely’s father did not testify. Good call.


Another Update: He has been sentenced to 26 years.

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2 Responses to “Huguely Guilty of Second Degree Murder.”

  1. Mike S. Says:

    Quick trial, and he’s a monster, and 2nd degree means what? that the jury believed he didn’t intend to kill her …

    on an unrelated note (or perhaps tangentially related – whatever adjective would amount to remoteness in the extreme), this may interest you.
    very much in keeping with one of my previous comments re: the recent NYT ‘expose’ of the farce that is treating ADD with pills.

  2. theprofessor Says:

    #MikeS, 2nd degree means that the jury did not think the murder was premeditated.

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