Yes, Howard University, here in Washington, has had its problems, and all are expected, as the president of the university says up there in my headline, to sacrifice in various ways. Possible faculty furloughs. Cutbacks in course offerings and a twelve percent tuition increase this year.

Everyone, that is, but already highly paid administrators: They get enormous bonuses.

The amount of the payments was reported in Howard’s 2010 tax filing, which is a public record: Senior vice president Artis G. Hampshire-Cowan, who was the interim president, received $302,820 on top of her salary of $213,552. Senior vice president for strategy and government affairs Hassan Minor received $522,184 on top of his salary of $264,255. Chief legal officer Norma Leftwich received $224,050 on top of her salary of $252,930.

The faculty is very angry indeed.

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One Response to ““The sacrifices that we are making are essential to our institutional renewal and continued success.””

  1. JND Says:

    Hmm.What IS it about Howard that lets these folk get away with it?

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