Oh but it does, it does. Southern Methodist University does nothing but go backwards, as it digs an over one hundred million dollar hole via out of control athletics, and then makes students pay for it. You can sort of sense the student writer’s rage as she notes that students have no access to this financial information, and as one university rep after another to whom she speaks responds to her with contempt and condescension.

In an accompanying article, this student says it best:

“I think it’s insane that our money continues to go into a black hole of mismanagement that we don’t even have access to see the specifics of,” he said.

SMU athletics is losing money hand over fist; the yahoos who run it spend like drunken sailors. Why should they give a shit about students!

Insane really says it. The people the student journalists talk to make absolutely insane remarks to them. Here’s my favorite, from the Athletics Policy Committee Chair:

“It’s like what I teach, which is history of the Soviet Union — we want reform, but nothing seems to work until the whole thing collapses, and maybe that’s what’ll happen with this.”

Thanks, man. SMU students will be sucked dry for a shitty education until the Romanov dynasty collapses, and then things will get better.

Southern Methodist University is fucking nuts.

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5 Responses to “‘ Davis said everyone has pretty much accepted that SMU’s not going to retreat on its athletic spending. “SMU doesn’t go backwards,” she said.’”

  1. AYY Says:

    “SMU doesn’t go backwards?” I seem to remember somebody in WW2 saying the same thing only it was about Germany. That strategy probably cost him the war. Mao said “Enemey advances, we retreat.” He won his war.

  2. AYY Says:

    Oops, It’s “enemy”. That’s what I get for commenting in the wee hours.

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