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Yeah, well, plenty of people – including this blogger – were appalled when the ninth law school in that state opened last year. Almost immediately, its president resigned because of credit card misuse.

Then there’s Irvine’s new law school, another concentration of overpaid professors and unemployed grads.

But on and on the ABA goes, accrediting everything, making the world safe for tens of thousands of useless lawyers and hundreds of professors who earn $150,000 to $350,000 a year preparing their students to be unemployed.

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3 Responses to ““In Massachusetts, we are a relatively small state that has nine law schools. When you start to realize the sheer number of lawyers who are flooding into the job market … you say something’s got to change.””

  1. david foster Says:

    Well, two lawyers can thrive in a town where one would starve…

  2. Marilyn Mann Says:

    I do not think it is really the ABA’s fault that there are too many law schools. Antitrust considerations prevent the ABA from limiting the number of law schools. All they can do is examine each law school to see if it meets minimum standards.


    In other words, if the ABA did what you are suggesting — refuse to accredit law schools in order to limit the number of lawyers — they would get sued.

  3. University Diaries » There are two kinds of students at the University of Massachusetts: Those who want to study, and those who want to get drunk and tip over cars. Says:

    […] (The writer doesn’t even mention that the first president of the new law school was fired for credit card misuse.] […]

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