A writer at Jezebel uses really hurtful language to describe Boston University’s fun-loving hockey players. In the tradition of George Huguely, they call their sexual conquests “kills.” As at the University of Montana, a campus so rape-positive that students must now watch don’t rape, don’t get raped films and then pass a test about them before they can register, it’s all about the athletes.

I mean, it’s also about the bars, boosters, and coaches.

There is a widespread belief that behavior by the [Montana] football team has been tolerated by the program’s infrastructure. Three of the lawyers representing players, for example, are on the National Advisory Board for Grizzly Athletics…


[O]ne [Boston] team member said [the hockey coach] “cares too much about hurting the important players’ feelings… He’ll criticize, then apologize.”


[A] shady student-athlete-friendly sports bar … T’s Pub [has been cited as] “part of the problem,” since hockey players could (until recently) drink there for free without showing IDs. [Athletes bring in business.]


Yes, it takes a village. And why is the village the way it is?

Mayor John Engen of Missoula said the city was cooperating and would make any needed changes. He said he believed the scandal would pass if the public and the students felt the issues had been addressed, but in the meantime, with the football team under a cloud, “it’s hard to know what people are going to pin their hopes and dreams on.”

What else are people going to pin their hopes and dreams on?


UD proposes that big-time sports universities set aside some part of their enormous athletic budgets to establish Comfort Women dormitories, safe and supervised havens for the teams.

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5 Responses to ““entitled misogynist assholes””

  1. Stephen Karlson Says:

    The comfort women belong to sororities. The sports budgets sometimes provide for escorts selected therefrom. Check the history at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Stephen: Quite true. There is a tradition from which to draw. I’m calling for much more explicit, mainstreamed, institutions. Perhaps sororities could compete for the designation.

  3. Mr Punch Says:

    The really surprising story here is that the Boston Globe regards the sense of sexual entitlement among athletes as (literally) front-page news.

  4. Stephen Karlson Says:

    “Perhaps sororities could compete…”

    I love it, franchise bidding (in economics, Demsetz auctions) for authorized escorts.

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