… or they’ll never disclose.

And that’s what Rose Hackman, a Columbia University student, has done with regard to tight-lipped Business School professor Glenn Hubbard, star of the film Inside Job.

Columbia Business School dean Glenn Hubbard is … featured in [the film] “Inside Job.” In interviews in the film, Dean Hubbard is asked about his extensive ties to the financial service industry, including a 2004 paper written with the then-Goldman Sachs chief economist, William C. Dudley (now president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York), in which Hubbard praised credit derivatives as enhancing economic stability, reducing volatility, and making recessions less frequent and severe. According to the New York Times, Warren Buffett has called these same practices “financial weapons of mass destruction” that are widely acknowledged by many economists as having helped trigger the crisis.

Following the film’s release, along with other single-school initiatives, Columbia Business School nominally addressed critics by establishing a committee headed by Hubbard’s vice dean, Christopher Mayer. The result was a pledge by the committee to go beyond University transparency requirements. The pledge asked Business School faculty to declare all outside activities on an online CV, linked to each faculty member’s individual website.

But Hubbard’s position as economic advisor to the former presidential hopeful Mitt Romney still remains absent from his online Columbia profile. His ties to the Analysis Group, a consultancy firm which has placed him as an expert defending financial industry players, also remains absent.

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  1. Van L. Hayhow Says:

    Wow. Undergrad? Color me impressed. Grad student? Still very impressed.

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