Eric, a reader, points UD in the direction of a wonderful piece of writing.

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3 Responses to ““Is the entire restaurant a very expensive piece of conceptual art? Is the shapeless, structureless baked alaska that droops and slumps and collapses while you eat it, or don’t eat it, supposed to be a representation in sugar and eggs of the experience of going insane?””

  1. JKW Says:

    I can’t help myself: I’m having lunch at this place on Sunday with a former student. Call it culinary atrocity tourism. I look forward to enjoying pepperoni as a condiment and garnish both. I’ll be sure to let you know next week how the food is…should I survive unscathed.

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    JKW: Funny! You’re probably one of many New Yorkers curious to view/sample the carnage. Make a reservation!

  3. JKW Says:

    I just got home from this establishment. It was doing fairly brisk business, though by no means were all 500 seats occupied. I will say only this: I did not know that cheeseburger patties could be crunchy until today, and the so-called donkey sauce distinctly lacks a kick.

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