… fails to bring context to SUNY Albany student hazing and other rituals. Like Chico State and U Mass Amherst, SUNY Albany is one of America’s most violent, dangerous universities. Fights, sometimes escalating to riots, are part of the fabric of life for students, faculty, and the surrounding communities. Suspensions happen; a few fraternities get shuttered… Nothing changes. Things get worse. The administrations of these universities assume a sort of perpetual crouch, waiting in dread for the next horror.

Naturally, an important element of the SUNY Albany mix is a huge expenditure of funds on sports. Without it, Albany wouldn’t be able to attract all those applicants who want to come to SUNY to watch games and get drunk and beat up people.

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  1. Dom Says:

    A surprisingly significant problem with SUNY universities seems to be that in-state students arrive with absolutely no idea of what to expect from higher education, and then they don’t receive any useful guidance from their college either. So they often gravitate toward even the worst organizations that tell them what to do, or get drunk and form packs that eventually evolve into underground fraternities.

  2. GTWMA Says:


  3. Margaret Soltan Says:

    GTWMA: Wow. Very hard to keep up! Thank you for the link.

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