Hell it’s just pourin’ out … Slopping over the sides… Sheeit!

For winning 15 games and losing 21 times over the past three seasons, Derek Dooley walks away from Vol Ball with $5 million in parting gifts. In January, Dooley will start collecting monthly installments of $104,166.66 through 2016.

… [Assuming] Jim Chaney is not retained by the next head coach, he is owed about $645,000. Seven other current assistants are working under multiyear contracts and would be owed a combined $3.71 million…

… When Dooley canned [wide receiver coach Charlie Baggett] after last season, Baggett walked away with $425,000, which is being paid in 24 equal installments.

… The school still owes Phillip Fulmer one more installment on the $6 million exit fee he got after being fired in 2008…

… Despite the fact that he was fired after lying to NCAA investigators, ex-Vols basketball coach Bruce Pearl kept getting $50,000 a month from UT until the pipeline ran dry in July.

… The man who hired those coaches and brokered those deals, former Athletics Director Mike Hamilton, walked away with $1.335 million after what was termed a “negotiated resignation.”

… When Buzz Peterson was fired as Vols basketball coach after the 2005 season, UT had to take out a loan to cover the $1.39 million it owed him within 29 days of his ouster. Why? Because UT was still on the hook to Peterson’s predecessor, Jerry Green, for $200,000 at the time. The short-term loan cost UT almost $80,000 in interest.

… All told, the extreme makeover of UT athletics during the past five years could wind up costing more than $20 million in buyouts.


David Climer, The Tennessean

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2 Responses to “Rocky Slop”

  1. david foster Says:

    I wonder who, if anyone, reviews these employment contracts before they are executed. The President of the university? The Board of Trustees? The university’s General Counsel? Or dos the athletic director typically have the actual authority to do these things entirely on his own?

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    david: I believe it’s the head of the Tennessee Distillers’ Association.

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