… (close to 900 million dollars in fines of one sort or another; placed under a monitor’s oversight; executives indicted for securities violations, various lawsuits, etc., etc.), so we know Laurie Glimcher really works for the hundreds of thousands in compensation she gets from the corporation. Keeps a good eye on its extensive anti-competitive practices.

Or, you know, I mean, I’m being ironic. Glimcher seems to know how to be a good soldier, and which of us wouldn’t be a good soldier, collecting that sort of compensation for doing very little? Indeed for apparently inquiring very little into the actual operations you’re supposed to be directing?

Now that she’s dean of Weill Cornell Medical College, Cornell defends her directorship against suggestions of conflict of interest by insisting on the importance of such university/corporate partnerships.

But what is the nature of the partnership here? Under her watch, Bristol-Myers Squibb was for years was one of the most law-breaking anti-competitive corporations around. Under her watch, one executive after another quit in disgrace.

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