At this event. She sang in the chorus. UD is a soprano. “You have the high notes,” says her friend Barbara, an actual true trained soprano who goes for the high A‘s and hits them. (She goes way above high A too.) But UD doesn’t really have the high notes. UD is okay if you’re talking G, but she doesn’t trust herself very much on the high A. Sitting next to Barbara at the concert, UD sort of let her own voice dissolve when the A‘s appeared; she let Barbara take them.

suspects that technically she can do the A‘s (that is, she does them pretty well when she’s home alone at the piano), but she has a confidence problem. UD has many weird complexes about her voice.

But anyway she and Barbara had a blast at the Messiah. Extremely rousing moment when the audience suddenly stands up at the end and we all belt out the Hallelujah Chorus. I believe it released quite a few endorphins in me.

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