True, and a new study suggests that changing coaches constantly does no good in terms of your win/loss record.

But that’s the thing about university sports. Decisions aren’t made with deliberation. They’re made according to the Baying Hounds Principle. When the hounds start baying so loudly it scares you, get another coach.

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2 Responses to ““Derek Dooley, who was fired from the University of Tennessee after just three years at the helm, will get $5 million for leaving, money that might have been given to the university for academic and scholarship funding. Auburn’s Gene Chizik, who led the Tigers to a national championship just two years ago, will receive $7.5 million in a contract buyout. Neither coach had been in the job for more than four years, so it’s hard to know how they might have fared had they been given more time.””

  1. Joe Fruscione Says:

    It’s too bad you never hear things like, “Professor X, an adjunct in the English Department teaching 4 first-year writing courses, was let go but will take home a $1 million buyout due to such hard work and dedication.”

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Joe: LOL.

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