It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood as Ohio University discovers how far one of its custodians was able to stretch his salary.

Well, even if you don’t make much, there’s always a way to swing for that AK-47, etc., etc., you’ve had your eye on; because what’s the use of making a threat when it’s an empty threat?

He was afraid he was going to get fired because he lost the “keys issued as part of his job.”

No doubt a custodian who loses keys is a fine steward of a home military arsenal. Nothing to worry about there; and no doubt OU is overreacting by having him arrested for threatening to bring one of his many guns (Or wait – don’t they bring all of their guns to the scene these days? At the very least you’ll need your assault weapon to kill twenty people per minute, and then your handgun to kill yourself.) to work if the university tries to fire him.

As I say, what good is a threat if it’s an empty threat?

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