University basketball: The excitement never stops!


The trend will deepen.

Sporting-event attendance to drop in 2013: “The confluence of high ticket prices, better at-home media viewing and the desire to share athletic experiences with others via social media will result in more tickets being discounted and more seats being empty,” said Andrew Billings, the Ronald Reagan Endowed Chair in Broadcasting in UA’s College of Communication and Information Sciences’ telecommunication and film department.


The schools that not long ago dropped immense sums on immense stadiums are the most farcical losers.

The State of Minnesota and the University of Minnesota collaborated to bring us a new stadium that the market could not bear. Now it’s empty.

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4 Responses to ““In front of 2,797 fans and more than 65,000 empty seats…””

  1. francofou Says:

    Sorta feels like a graduate class in the humanities.

  2. JND Says:

    Hey, wait! That first link means you are making fun of THE University of Texas. Don’t you know you can’t do that?

  3. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Yes, JND. Sports fanaticism doesn’t get any more intense than the University of Texas, does it?

  4. Michael McNabb, Attorney Says:

    See the link to the December 29, 2012 New York Times report on the economics of college football at

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