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Well, UD‘s been on a tear lately about empty university football stadiums even at many of the big frothing at the mouth schools… But she’s been focused for the most part on student and alumni sections, and it’s useful to take a peek upstairs at the amazing, tax subsidized, luxury suites.

So here’s an email (one of hundreds) to the USM athletic director from a Southern Miss fan (earlier posts here – scroll down) pissed because he’s spending – even with the tax break – an awful lot of money to entice people to join him in controlled atmosphere splendor (UD loves “controlled atmosphere.” If you can be a university football snob, this is the way to do it… I mean, I think by definition you can’t, but if you could, boasting about the absence of shitfaced rednecks in your suite would be the way to go.), and because the team’s losing all of its games he can’t even give these things away.

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2 Responses to ““The suite, tickets, catering, & beverage cost is over $6,400 per game. Unfortunately, we were unable to get any guests to accept our offer of tickets to attend our suite…. If I can’t give away tickets with food, beverage, and a controlled atmosphere, then I can only imagine the lack of ticket sales that will take place.””

  1. Dom Says:

    The suites fill up with shitfaced rednecks. “Controlled atmosphere” is a fancy name for air conditioning.

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:


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