It took over five years, but after tons of investigations and charges and repayments, the husband/wife team of Jacko and Sainfort at the University of Minnesota (also, at the same time, drawing money from, Georgia Tech) is taking its leave of that school.

To this day, UD has no idea why Minnesota held onto these extremely highly compensated people for so long. UM knew within minutes of recruiting them that they were naughty.


UD thanks Bill.

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2 Responses to “Holy Double-Dipping Duo, Batman!”

  1. Jack/OH Says:

    Jeez, UD, do we really want to get into the simultaneous-income people, the no-show ghost employees, pay-to-play kickback workers, the campus jobs given as political favors?

    Y’know, the folks who fill out their employment applications or submit their CVs after they’ve started working at your local Podunk Tech? Yeah, just backdate that stuff to match it with payroll records, right?

    My personal guess is there are no more than 1%-2% of our local Podunk Tech’s workers who fit the categories above. (I’m likely understating the number.) Some are actually suited to their jobs, or grow into them. A few achieve enormous institutional power by maliciously sabotaging honest folks’ legitimate work, which sometimes gives a faux impression of expertise, and by relying for immunity on the conspiratorial relation with the patron(s) who installed them in their jobs.

    Dirtball, in other words. Thanks to UD and Bill for this post.

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