In her years of following plagiarism stories, UD has seldom come across a plagiarist who did it just that one time. Virtually all of them, once one case comes to light, turn out to have done it for ages. You can bet on it.

So when the story about the Director of Education for the entire Toronto District School Board having plagiarized appeared a couple of days ago, UD sat tight and waited while reporters found all his other plagiarized material.

Now that they’ve done that, UD will post on the story. Let’s see… It’s always icky when a high-level academic type, an example to many students, turns out to be a serial plagiarist. The character of this guy’s plagiarism is particularly disgusting: For instance, he lifted someone else’s story about talking to her child after the Sandy Hook massacre and pretended he was talking to his child…

Will he be fired? I think yes.


UPDATE: Off he goes.

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