America’s struggling pharmaceutical industry finally gets the spokesman it needs! Bravo, John LaMattina, for having the guts to go up against the power of Marcia Angell and tell it like it is!

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2 Responses to “You go, boy!”

  1. Jack/OH Says:

    Marcia Angell, Dave Himmelstein, Steffie Woolhandler, Margaret Flowers, and others, are the only folks keeping us from being total dupes of Big Medicine’s propaganda ministry. I’ve done a little small-time local writing critical of Big Medicine, and it can be a harrowing experience. The range of “permissible opinion” (my term) is very narrow.

  2. Roy M. Poses MD Says:

    Given that LaMattina was top executive at Pfizer at a time when Pfizer was racking up an epic record of misbehavior (evidenced by numerous legal settlements and the results of other legal actions, including a RICO conviction, since 2000 – see I would say his complaints about Dr Marcia Angell are not very credible.

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