Like most other plagiarists, Chris Spence, former Director of Education of the Toronto District School Board, made a habit of it. It wasn’t a technique; it was a way of being. Once one instance of his plagiarism was found, hundreds of others emerged.

All of his books contain plagiarism. Steven Kupferman goes through a bunch of examples.

For a reader, the irony [of Spence’s thefts] can sometimes be unbearable. At one point, Spence writes: “It takes hard, steady work to improve student achievement, yet the culture around us values convenience, short cuts, expediency, and painless learning. These and other obstacles can seem daunting, but we must not let them daunt us.”

A fine defense of never taking the easy way out.

Except that those words were first used in a 1999 speech [PDF] by a career education advocate named M. Hayes Mizell.

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