… is the chancellor of Southampton Solent University… In England, yes, of course… Are you thinking an American university could cook up a chancellor with a name like that? And until recently Lord West of Spithead’s University, “which currently sits 117th out of 120 in the university league tables,” featured among its business faculty a “senior lecturer in entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity” who seems to have directed all that innovating entrepreneurial energy to the distribution of cocaine. Out of her home.

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2 Responses to “Lord West of Spithead…”

  1. Van L. Hayhow Says:

    Well, you have to distribute from somewhere.

  2. adam Says:

    Here at Southampton Solent U
    We’re right near the end of the queue.
    Now our Lord West of Spithead
    Has been stung by a shithead,
    A lecturing, drug dealing shrew.

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