Gabriel Bitran, Sloan business school professor, dean, all sorts of great things, a man who specialized in podcasts with names like USING POWER FOR GOOD … where’d he go? MIT’s website promises to take you to his faculty page, but when you click on his name, it takes you to the business school directory, and under the Bs there’s no Bitran.

Wha’ happened?

Well, I think we can assume that MIT has been, uh, ambivalent about Gabriel Bitran even since last May, when he was found guilty of massive hedge fund fraud. MIT kept him on the faculty even as he began spending his salary on a $4.8 million settlement while dealing with having been barred forever from the securities industry. I mean oh well let’s keep him on anyway

But now the investor lawsuits are coming in, see, and what might have been a nice quick clean no-jail-time fraud case is turning into a protracted series of court appearances. Perhaps MIT has quietly decided to dump the guy.

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