It’s how things have always been done at the University of Hawaii, proud flagship of one of our most corrupt states; and if you don’t like it, you can lump it.

For background, put hawaii in my search engine if you have the stomach for it.


“It’s a common pattern in Hawaiian political culture to announce campaigns against corruption, but the problem is so deeply rooted with high-level officials that are involved, and there are low-level scapegoats who feel the brunt of the campaign,” said Jeff Jones, an associate history professor at UNC-Greensboro …”

Whoops. No. That should be Russian political culture. Russian.

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One Response to ““[T]he university has wasted millions of dollars on salaries and perks for administration officials while tuition costs jumped 141 percent over 11 years.””

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    […] rates.” Enrollment’s declining on virtually all campuses. Over the last eleven years, tuition has gone up 141%. Most of the money seems to have gone to […]

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