Scathing Online Schoolmarm hopes not. Whatever they are pouring over the cache is likely to degrade the value of their evidence against a guy who “[f]or close to 30 years, he has been a community safety officer supervisor at UC Santa Cruz.”

SOS thinks the Santa Cruz police department means pore.

The culture clash in this story about a man who has apparently been stashing an arsenal of guns and ammo in the walls of his mobile home as he prepares for some massive theft is noteworthy. For thirty years Mr Assault Rifle has been hiding out among the peace-loving hippies of UC Santa Cruz. Good cover.

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One Response to “‘Detectives are continuing to pour over the cache of weapons and ammunition.’”

  1. Jack/OH Says:

    Recently I half-watched a TV news item that opened with a background caption reading “conterfiet”. For a jarring microsecond, I read it as “confit”. Disorienting. The newswoman’s spoken words about bogus $100 bills didn’t match the caption at all.

    Is there some sort of “moral hazard effect” (my term) with computerized spell-checking?

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