It’s hard to take very much glee
In the matter of E. Gordon Gee
He’s merely symbolic
Of crap hyperbolic
At all of the sports factories.

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6 Responses to “Limerick.”

  1. Dave Stone Says:

    Nice. I went instead with the double dactyl.

    Vanderbilt, Schmanderbilt
    Gordon Gee, President,
    Took a few shots at the
    Poor SEC.

    “What kind of doofus would
    Lead in a conference of
    Wanton hypocrisy?
    Whoops, that was me.”

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Dave: Fine one. Made me laugh…

  3. Sherman Dorn Says:

    A clerihew?

    E. Gordon Gee
    has a crass strategy:
    be opposite Karen*
    while curses you’re sharin’.

    * Karen Holbrook, commonly seen as pushed out after 5 years as OSU president for the temerity of opposing sports-fan riots in Columbus (

  4. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Sherman: Nicely done. I’d forgotten about poor Karen Holbrook.

  5. Sherman Dorn Says:

    It’s okay–we’ve had her here in Tampa the last five years, first heading our office of research and then a center for international initiatives. So I suppose I should be thanking the Thugs of Columbus.

  6. Jack/OH Says:

    Welcome all to Ohio, my home for 40 of my last 60 years. Well, E. Gordon Gee ain’t exactly Ohio, no, I don’t think so. Seven figures, right, eh? Well, he is Ohio, okay? Ohio is a cooler state than some folks might think. There are extraordinarily bright people who’ve made their home here, been schooled here, have otherwise touched base here. Bro’ Gee used to be one of us, I suppose, before he became institutionalized in his own person. Time to move on, Bro’ Gee. Yes, OSU is a blobulous physical plant of major sports passion.

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