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[A William and Mary adjunct professor] reportedly flaunted a gun in front of his [twelve year old] son and 10 of his son’s friends. [He apparently] got annoyed with the noise the boys were making, went in the room where the boys were and pulled out a gun.

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2 Responses to “Intro Gun Brandishing to Frighten Children”

  1. dave.s. Says:

    That’s the problem with the goddam adjuncts! If they were hiring tenure track, never wudda happen. Oh, for the golden days of tenure.

  2. Jack/OH Says:

    A onetime gun owner and Stateside military veteran, I recall gun etiquette and gun safety were straightforward. All guns are treated as loaded until physically examined with the action open. Safety on when storing for semiautos; hammer over an empty chamber for revolvers. Do not produce a gun for use unless it’s a lawful use. If your use is unlawful, you may be prosecuted.

    I attend the occasional local gun and knife show. Ask any gun pro. The cowboys and gang-bangers give gun ownership a bad name. Gun “accidents” are unlikely to happen to folks who observe gun etiquette.

    In her 40s, my mom bought a cheap .22 caliber revolver in the late 1960s. Why? Because the house next door had been rented to a man identified to her by local police as a career criminal. What was she supposed to do when a drunk and naked Clyde Weimer banged on the front door? I’m glad Weimer passed out on our front porch. I’m glad my mom didn’t have to shoot. I’m also glad she had a definitive weapon of self-defense.

    UD may cream me for this rant, but I think it’s important to note that most ownership and use of handguns and long guns is completely unobjectionable.

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