This phrase appears in an angry editorial written by a Florida International University student. The student is embarrassed that since “2006, the football, men’s basketball, soccer and track and field teams, as well as the women’s cross-country and indoor and outdoor track teams have been sanctioned by the NCAA for poor academic performance at least once.” The basketball team’s APR score is so low, it “received a ban from next year’s postseason and a reduction in practice time.”

The writer, however, goes on to call schools like FIU (he also mentions Duke, Ohio State, and the University of Miami) “sports-accomplished.”

I’m familiar with derogatory terms, like jock shop and football factory. I’m impressed that someone has now come up with this positive term.

Ohio State, University of Miami… these schools have accomplished so much…

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One Response to ““Sports-accomplished” is a new one on me.”

  1. adam Says:

    Maybe it’s the Higher Ed equivalent of ‘plays well with others.’

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