Well, the local media’s got hold of the Charles Bennett story, and people in South Carolina think it’s a bit odd that after Bennett was booted out of Northwestern University for stealing grant funds (background here), the University of South Carolina turned around and picked him right up, giving him an endowed chair and a salary of close to $300,000. Crime pays.

USC’s spokesman came out with the brilliant response I quote in my title. The school can’t comment on any phenomenon that doesn’t involve USC. The allegations are a matter of public record, everyone’s commenting on them, but USC has a policy of not commenting on anything in the world that happens that doesn’t involve USC.

I guess the principle extends to hiring at USC too — since whatever Bennett did in Chicago doesn’t involve USC, he’s in. When Bennett steals USC grant money, then USC will review his position… Because then it will involve USC…

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One Response to ““USC spokesman Wes Hickman said the university couldn’t comment on the specific allegations against Bennett since they don’t involve USC.””

  1. Bruce Robert Says:

    Keep following this story. It’s going to get interesting. One of the reasons USC didn’t know about Bennett’s colored past is that there was no public acknowledgement of it back at his old institution. I’m guessing it’s more out of fear of legal action than a “protect your own” mentality. The question is how long can Good Time Charlie keep his position at USC if he didn’t disclose what was going on in Chicago.

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