Is escaped university rector!

Esteemed ex-rector of National Tax University (is like if IRS had campus where to train agents) was under house arrest for selling admission to aforesaid university (here is photo of Petro Melnyk having vapors) for hundreds and hundreds hryvnia. Rector Melnyk “escaped by getting rid of an electronic bracelet… Interior Ministry addresses the citizens for help in obtaining information about possible stay of Melnyk.”

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2 Responses to “Is extremely exciting ongoing news out of Ukraine!”

  1. University Diaries » Runaway Rector Gets on the Horn Says:

    […] We’re following the breathless tale of Petro Melnyk, on-the-run bribe-demanding erstwhile rector of the National State Tax Service University of Ukraine (details here). […]

  2. DM Says:

    In France, there’s the national school for public finances (ENFIP). It would be however very difficult to sell admission in it, for admission is through competitive exams (depending on the intended job, admission is after undergraduate university or highschool).

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