has responded to the lawsuit against Trump University…

Meanwhile, David Halperin points out that TU is just one of many for-profit schools for scandal in the United States.

While none of the major predatory for-profit college companies — University of Phoenix, EDMC, Corinthian, Kaplan, CEC, etc. — have a frontman as publicly odious as Donald Trump, their abuses and harms go much deeper than those of Trump University.

That’s because they’ve entrapped far more people, and because our taxes continue to pay for them.

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One Response to “Donald Trump, the Miley Cyrus of University Leaders…”

  1. Tom Antion Says:

    Not only the for profit universities but the very dirty seminar industry robs even more money and no one even notices.

    I wrote an article called “The Top 20 Seminar Scams” http://www.Antion.com/top20seminarscams.htm I suspect many of the techniques outlined in this article were used against the students who are claiming they were defrauded.

    BTW I’m a 22 year speaking / seminar industry veteran and Past President of the National Capital Area Professional Speakers Association and considered the number one whistleblower exposing the dirt in this industry.

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