Scathing Online Schoolmarm says: Some very nice writing in this review of the Republican primary in Wyoming. Concise, amusing, and, at times, fierce writing.

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4 Responses to ““[In] an intensely homophobic state like Wyoming, where the vast majority of GOP voters oppose marriage equality, any Republican primary is fated to be a grotesque pissing contest of anti-gay animus.””

  1. Van L. Hayhow Says:

    The last 3 sentences are really solid writing.

  2. AYY Says:

    Oh good heavens. The article is smug, histrionic, and trivial. If the Cheney sisters are feuding, it’s none of nayone’s business, or save it for the gossip magazines.
    Wyoming is an intensely homophobic state because a majority supports civil unions rather than gay marriage? That’s a pretty big gap in logic on the part of the writer, but I guess it’s the narrative some want to push. If that’s the standard for being intensely homophobic, then our President was once intensely homophobic.

  3. Alan Allport Says:

    If you’re going to blahblahblah about the importance of family on your campaign website, you don’t get to rule that inconvenient details about it are off-limits.

    (The conceit that Wyoming is a privately-owned fiefdom of the Cheney dynasty to be handed down, father to daughter, is about as obnoxious as the Kennedy claim on Massachusetts has always been).

  4. AYY Says:

    The part UD quoted was the headline about this supposedly intensely homophobic state and the only evidence was that a majority supports civil unions. UD didn’t say anything about the campaign website.
    And besides, why does having a family feud mean you can’t support family values? Someone with a broken home is well suited to support family values. Many people aspire to things they don’t have. I remember hearing all this stuff about hope and change not too long ago. This might be an example of it.

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