Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear…

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4 Responses to “Rape Calendar”

  1. Juliet Harris Says:

    PUH-LEEZ, UD — “Mother Jones” is where you’re getting your unbiased news these days?? Have you forgotten about that “rape victim” at Duke already? I’m not blaming the victim, I’m pointing out what is almost certainly another non-victim.

    One reason Winston wasn’t charged because DNA tests on the woman turned up two different men’s semen. Also:

    A probable cause statement signed Jan. 16, first filed with court officials and made public today, describes in detail police officers’ version of the complainant’s initial account of a Dec. 7, 2012, sexual battery.

    Later in January, the complainant identified Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston as the suspect. He is not named in the search warrant request seeking the woman’s text messages from that night.

    The search warrant was signed by a Leon County judge.

    In the probable-cause statement attached to a search-warrant request, Tallahassee Police Department Investigator LAURA Gereg said the woman told police she and her friends were drinking at Potbelly’s bar earlier that night and had about five or six shots. The woman said after her friends left the bar, she began to feel the effects of the alcohol and her memory became “very broken.”

    Police said the woman recalled getting into a taxi with a “non-descript” black male and entering a ground-floor apartment, at which point the man took off her clothes and raped her as she tried to fight him off.

    The search-warrant request said at some point the woman told police a black man with dreadlocks came into the room and told the man to stop, but the suspect led her into a bathroom where he “completed the act.”

    “Her next memory is the suspect dressing her then putting her on a black scooter,” the affidavit for the search warrant said. “She told him where she lived and he dropped her off at the intersection of Call and Stadium. The victim has no idea where the incident occurred.”

  2. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Juliet: Mother Jones seems to me a pretty reliable news and commentary source. I’ve used it several times on this blog.

    On Duke and on the Florida State guy: You’re absolutely right. Quite a few of these charges are bogus, and the Duke thing was appalling (as you probably know, their accuser will now spend the rest of her life in prison for murder).

    But enough of this goes on (and enough attempted cover-up of it goes on) among high-profile university athletes to make it a trend, and there’s every reason to cover it closely.

  3. Juliet Harris Says:

    No argument from me about that.

    Another “yesteryear” phenomena may have been in play as well: Shame. The young woman can’t recall what happened, but is certain she would NEVER have done what the fragments of her memory reveal, so force must have been involved. (She did not make the “too impaired to give consent” argument; shame may have played a role in that as well.) When DNA from two different men turned up, she refused to provide the prosecutor with the name of her boyfriend, who was the second donor. Shame again?

    The man who beds two women in one night is still a stud; the woman is still a slut. If we could change that, there would be far fewer cases like this, it seems.

  4. Margaret Soltan Says:

    Juliet: Yes. Real life turns out to be very messy, and a lot that happens can’t be captured by criminal laws…

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