“The glass broke and I picked up the pieces, almost weeping with rage. Such white liberals from left to right need to grow up. By Friday UUK had shed its overconfidence and seemed to be wavering. I predict the guidance will be binned.”

And so it will be, though the glowing self-righteousness with which men and women will lecture people like Yasmin Alibhai Brown (2002 winner of the George Orwell Prize for Political Journalism) about how unenlightened she is to defend equality will persist, glowing ever brighter as one venue for discrimination after another shutters.

Eventually the lecturers will constitute a tight morally superior flame of burqa boosters and women to the back of the room and shut up enthusiasts. How appalling, they will say… How appalling that Europe is voting down burqas and bitching about backbenches

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One Response to ““The following morning, Nicola Dandridge, UUK’s CEO was on the Today programme. Presenter Justin Webb, in a probing, yet reasonable way, put to her the arguments against male-female separatism [at universities]. She rejected them all, alight with self-righteousness. I threw a glass of water at the radio.””

  1. Alan Allport Says:

    Universities UK have performed a kind of public service, however; their response to this debacle has been a model of how not to handle PR damage control. Their blog, for instance, continues to pompously defend a policy position which they apparently abandoned days ago (OK, ‘temporarily withdrew’ pending its inevitable abandonment).

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